How do I turn my photo into Andy Warhol?

Using the pop art filter in PicMonkey Apply the Warhol effect (in the Effects tab on the left menu). Adjust your overall look using the Brightness, Contrast, and Fade sliders. Click Apply to save your changes. Repeat steps 2-4 for each collage cell.

How much is the Andy Warhol portrait worth?

$195 million
Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe portrait sells for record $195 million. Andy Warhol’s iconic 1964 silk-screen portrait of Marilyn Monroe sold for a hammer price of $170 million at Christie’s in New York on May 9. Added fees gave it a final price of $195 million, a record for an American artwork at auction.

Is Andy Warhol a portrait artist?

Throughout his career, Warhol did not solely work on commissioned portraits, but as he broadened his choice of subject matter in the 1970s and 1980s, he started to create images of the people he deeply admired, in particular fellow artists.

How can I teach about Andy Warhol’s art?

Close the lesson by discussing Warhol and how his work related to the project. Have a small art show by hanging up all the works around the room and let the students walk around and look at each one. Have the students pick a favorite work and explain why they like it.

How do you explain pop art to students?

Explain the term “pop art” and how the term applies to Warhol’s work. Also point out the use of repetition in Warhol’s work and how he wanted to become a machine. Explain to the students that they will be creating self-portraits, but using Warhol’s sense of color and use of repetition. Take photos of each of your students.

Is it possible to make a Warhol style photo?

Transforming a photo in the way of Andy Warhol seems very simple yet it is very hard to get a good result. ConvertImage is the site you need to make a pop art portrait “the Warhol way” (or Roy Lichtenstein), without photo editing software and directly online!