How do I Unbrick WD My Cloud?

Try accessing the My Cloud Dashboard and performing a Quick Restore (Dashboard > Settings > Utilities) which may fix the red front LED. Generally it is advisable after an unbrick (what ever method you use) to perform a 40 second reset or a Dashboard > Settings > Utilities > System Only reset.

How do I manually install WD My Cloud firmware?

Launch the default browser and go to the My Cloud dashboard. Navigate to Settings and click the Firmware Update button. Go to the Manual Update section and click the Update From File button.

How do I update my WD My Cloud firmware?

Go to Settings >> Firmware Update. Under the section Manual Update, click the Update From File button and a window will open.

How do I fix WD My Cloud?

Go to Control Panel > Credential Manager > Windows Credentials, and click Add a Windows credential on the lower right side. Step 2. Type the username and password of My Cloud in the following window and click Save. Later, restart your computer and see if WD My Cloud Windows 10 cannot access is solved.

What does red light on WD My Cloud mean?

WD My Cloud Red Light This is generally an indicator that the NAS has failed to initialize it’s internal software. In some cases it can be due to failed electronics, however most often it’s due to bad hard drives.

How do I update my external hard drive firmware?

If newer firmware is available, click on the download link associated with it. For example, click “Download,” “Install” or “Download Firmware.” If available, select the option to download the update to install on a portable USB drive — then you can install it, skip the disc burning step and boot from USB.

How do I check my WD My Cloud firmware?

Open web browser, navigate to My Cloud Dashboard (http://wdmycloud/ or http://wdmycloud.local). If needed, log into the My Cloud Dashboard. On the Dashboard, select Settings > Firmware Update.

How do I recover data from WD My Cloud hard drive?

How to recover data from WD My Cloud Home

  1. Remove the drives from your WD My Cloud Home.
  2. Connect the removed drive(s) to the computer.
  3. Install UFS Explorer Professional Recovery on the computer and launch the program.
  4. Find the WD My Cloud partition holding your data.

Can I connect 2 WD My clouds together?

You cannot connect the second My Cloud to the first via their USB ports. What you can do with two My Clouds on the same local network is to use Safepoint / Backup to backup the contents of one My Cloud to another over the local network.