How do I withdraw from John Hancock 529?

To withdraw from the John Hancock Freedom 529 plan, call 866-222-7498 or visit and click “Access your account” on the right-hand side. Make sure to have your account number and Social Security number available.

How can I access my 529 account without penalty?

Here are five ways someone can use 529 plan money without a penalty if the beneficiary doesn’t go to college:

  1. Change the beneficiary to a family member.
  2. Make themselves the beneficiary.
  3. Use the funds for apprenticeships.
  4. Pay off student loan debt.
  5. Put the funds toward K-12 education.

How do I log into my John Hancock account?

Log In Help Please enter your account number exactly as it is displayed on your Account Statement. Enter your 5-digit zip code. Please contact a John Hancock client services representative for assistance 8am to 7pm EST Monday-Thursday, 8am to 6pm EST Friday at 800-225-5291.

Is bedding a qualified 529 expense?

A laptop, for instance, isn’t considered a qualified education expense unless it is required by the college or for a course. While room-and-board costs generally qualify, must-haves for the dorm, like the bed sheets and a mini-fridge, don’t, unless they’re charged to the student by the university.

How do I withdraw from Alaska 529 plan?

Log in to your account online. Speak with an Education Savings Specialist at 1-800-478-0003. Complete a Distribution form and submit it by mail. Distributions from the University of Alaska Portfolio must be made by phone or by completing the Distribution form.

Can you reimburse yourself from 529?

Can you reimburse yourself? After putting money in a 529 plan, you can withdraw money to pay for college. You can transfer money to a college directly or make a 529 account reimbursement. As long as you reimburse yourself in the same calendar year as your educational expenses, you can avoid income taxes or penalties.

How long does it take John Hancock to verify your account?

General processing time is 7-10 business days once the paperwork is received in good order. You can check the status of your request by signing in to your account.

How do I get my 401k from John Hancock?

Request a withdrawal over the phone. You can call us at 800-344-1029 to enroll in telephone withdrawal authorization over the phone and elect to take a withdrawal.