How do you bleed air from a jet pump?

Fill a bucket with water and pour water into the pump casing until the suction line and pump casing are full. Reinstall the priming plug loosely to allow air to bleed from the pump. Turn on the pump and monitor the sound of air bleeding from the priming plug. When air stops bleeding, turn off the pump.

How does a 2 stage jet pump work?

With a two-stage pump, a transfer valve is located at the outlet of the first-stage volute. It directs the water either to pump discharge VOLUME (parallel) position, or to second-stage intake PRESSURE (series) position, depending on the pump performance desired.

How do I prime a deep well jet pump?

Please make sure to never turn on a pump when it is empty as this can cause serious damage to the pump:

  1. Locate the priming plug on your pump and unfasten this plug.
  2. Fill the entire pump and suction pipe with clean water.
  3. Loosely refasten the priming plug.
  4. Turn on the pump to check it’s working.

Why will my well pump not prime?

If your well water pump won’t prime, it might be due to defective foot valves, check valves or pipe leaks. Without priming, the pump will run, but the water delivery stops or you’ll have low water pressure.

What is the best way to prime a jet pump?

How do you prime a jet?

To prime a jet water pump you’ll first need to turn it off, for safety reasons. Locate the priming plug on your pump, and unfasten this plug. Next, fill the entire pump with water through the priming plug. Make sure the entire pump is filled, including the suction pipe.

How do you prime a deep well jet pump?

How to Prime a Deep Well Pump

  1. Remove the rubber or plastic prime plug from the top side of the pump. Run a water hose to the exposed hole on the top of the pump.
  2. Run water through the water hose and into the pump casing.
  3. Remove the water hose from the pump.
  4. Remove the plug and fill the casing with water once more.

Does a jet pump have a foot valve?

Foot Valve Foot valves are used in shallow well jet pump and deep well jet pump installations. The foot valve is required to be installed at the bottom of the well suction line piping. Similar to the check valve, the foot valve prevents water from flowing back out of the jet pump.