How do you blend Copic markers?

The key to using Copic markers is knowing that any lighter shade will move the pigment of a darker shade around. Therefore, when blending two Copic colors together, always use the lighter of the two shades to blend (Photo 2).

Are Copic markers good for blending?

With the right amount of solvent, all Copics will blend smoothly and seamlessly with any other Copic color. There isn’t a single Copic in your collection that won’t blend with every other Copic marker. THEY ALL BLEND.

Why are my Copic markers not blending?

The solvent that is present in the inks is what allows the two colors of dye to swirl and merge into a third color. If you’re missing out on the juice, you’re simply not going to get a proper blend because you’re lacking the lubrication that allows two different inks to get together and get happy with each other.

How do you make a marker blend?

Step1: The best way is to put the blender first before using the marker. This will allow your marker to settle quickly and get blend with it. Step 2: Use the marker over the blender in your desired way. Step 3: After you’re done, you’ll see the markers getting blended on the blender.

How do you prevent streaks with Copic markers?

7 Ways on How to Avoid Streaks Using Your Markers

  1. Use the Best Paper. Paper is significant in coloring or rendering your art drawing.
  2. Use Circular Motion Marker Stroke.
  3. Keep on Coloring.
  4. Color Fast.
  5. Apply the Flicking Pattern Technique.
  6. Select a Marker that Does not Dry Fast.
  7. Make fluent Strokes.

What can you not do with Copic markers?

Here are the 5 most common Copic Marker blending mistakes I see from beginners and how to fix them:

  • Circular or zig-zag strokes.
  • Starting a stroke in the middle of the shape.
  • Bumpy Edges.
  • Over-inking and over-correction.
  • Coloring very slowly.

How do you keep a marker from feathering?

Use a ‘barrier’ paper: Many experienced marker artists understand that with many layers, eventually the pigment has to go somewhere (through the paper). This is why they use a barrier paper, which is simply a sheet of scratch paper that goes underneath the sheet being worked on to protect the next sheet.

How do you make alcohol marker blends?