How do you break into a salto lock?

With the SALTO PIN Locks, there is no need to carry any Tags or even mechanical keys for that matter. Just enter your PIN code via the keypad to unlock….Ways of Opening

  1. Digital Key. A Digital Key is the virtual equivalent of a Tag, enabling your phone to unlock a SALTO lock.
  2. Remote Opening.
  3. PIN.

What is Salto door locks?

The SALTO electronic locks range enables users to unlock doors with a range of secure credentials and mobile technologies. Designed to fit on most standard doors, they work with the majority of Scandinavian, European and ANSI mortise locks and tubular latches.

How do Salto locks work?

The Salto system however uses a combination of stand alone battery powered handles sets and hard wired on-line wall readers which offers unrivalled flexibility and means that more doors within the building can be access controlled for a fraction of the cost.

How many doors and zones can be held on a salto key?

SALTO Virtual Network capabilities in all the locks. Computer managed on-line and off-line doors with SQL data base and a huge number of functions and capabilities. Up to 4,000,000 users and 64,000 doors in one unique system. 256 time zones and 256 calendars.

What is Salto IQ?

IQ. IQ is the central hub of your site. It receives all changes and settings from the SALTO KS application and ensures that all locks are updated within seconds. The IQ serves as the brain of your site, connects your wireless locks to the cloud and can be extended by adding additional repeaters if needed.

Where is Salto based?

Based in Oiartzun (SPAIN), SALTO’s customers include airports, hospitals, government buildings, military bases, colleges, hotels and more. SALTO is the selected access control option on over 3,000,000 doors worldwide. pioneering XS4 SVN platform provides stand-alone networked locking solutions.

What is Salto BLUEnet?

The SALTO BLUEnet Wireless engine allows the operator to monitor live access control events and provides the ability to unlock doors, change opening mode, activate a lockdown, monitor live door status or change physical access rules in the access plan, all wirelessly and in real-time.

How do you use a salto PPD?

Use the SALTO DB-9 connecting cable (provided), and plug the female connector into the computer serial port, and plug the male DB-9 connector into the PPD serial port. WORKING WITH THE PPD. The PPD main menu has up to 5 different functions, depending on which information we have downloaded from the management PC.

Who is Salto owned by?

Florac took a minority stake in SALTO in October 2020 alongside existing shareholders such as Alantra and new investors such as Sofina and Peninsula Capital. Financial investors will hold a combined 30% stake, with the remainder retained by SALTO’s founding members and managers (60%) and private investors (10%).

What does Salto stand for?


Acronym Definition
SALTO Support and Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities Within the European Youth Programme (Network of European Resource Centers for international Youth projects)

What is Salto Gateway?

The SALTO wireless Gateway is the link between the PC and the wireless network (wireless escutcheons). It gives real-time information to the PC.