How do you develop mycorrhiza?

The on-farm system starts by planting “host plant” seedlings into black plastic bags filled with a mix of compost, vermiculite and local field soil. AM fungi present in the field soil colonize the root of the host plants and over the growing season, the mycorrhizae proliferate as the host plants grow.

How do you inoculate mycorrhizae?

  1. Seeding Inoculation: Mix 1 cup of mycorrhizal inoculant into 1 cubic foot of seed starting mix, and use this mix to germinate seedlings.
  2. Seedling or transplant inoculation: Established but small seedlings can be inoculated by adding a small amount, 1 teaspoon, per plant right near the base of each seedling.

Is Trichoderma a mycorrhizal fungi?

Trichoderma sp. is a biocontrol agent active against plant pathogens via mechanisms such as mycoparasitism. Recently, it was demonstrated that Trichoderma harzianum was able to parasitize the mycelium of an arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungus, thus affecting its viability.

How long does it take for mycorrhizae to colonize?

The mycorrhizae go to work immediately after application to a growing plant root and will take about 4 weeks to establish the symbiotic relationship. Though it varies by plant species, growing protocol, etc., it generally takes about 8 weeks for benefits to become visible to the grower in comparison trials.

Does mycorrhizal fungi expire?

They will still be viable for several months past their date, but they will degrade and you will need to use more with time. It best to use them up quickly before they become expired. Store Mycorrhizae in a cool place.

Does mycorrhizae increase yield?

Mycorrhizae open the flood gates to an all you can eat buffet every time they form a relationship with a root system. On top of that, they help make plants more resistant to drought and diseases. This buffet, coupled with the added disease/ drought resistance can increase your yields anywhere from 23% to 37%.

How do I add fungus to my compost?

The key to making it is to aerate the compost without turning it, since turning destroys the fungal hyphae. His process allows the fungi to grow undisturbed throughout the compost so that, when it is done, it can be spread thinly on soil with every portion inoculating the soil with viable fungal life.

Can I mix Trichoderma and humic acid?

The combination of humic acids, highly effective seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodosum) and beneficial microorganisms (Trichoderma harzianum strains) supports strong and healthy plant growth.