How do you fix a gecko problem?

You can blow up the reactor either by shutting off the coolant yourself, or conning one of the reactor’s tenders to do it for you. The coolant report in Harold’s desk is enough to get them to shut down the coolant system for you. The reactor melts down, and the problem is solved.

Is Gecko irradiated Fallout 2?

“My mom says I’m Awesome.” anything green can do it yeah, and the golden gecko bites can irradiate. So you can choose to ignore it and hope for the best, or start over, but I hate starting over. Specifically avoided stepping in it during that dog quest in the village.

How do you optimize a reactor in Fallout 2?

Speak with Festus; he will tell the Chosen One to optimize the plant and give them the optimization disk. Afterwards, proceed to Vault City, speak with McClure, and run the disk on Level 3 Vault Computer. Return to Gecko and use the disk on the computer console in the powerplant to optimize the plant.

How do you get the yellow key card in Fallout 2?

Location. This item can be found on the body of a dead Enclave guard at the Vertibird crash site in Klamath.

Where is Harold in Gecko?

While you’re in the building, talk to the ghoul (Harold) who is in the primary room, beside the desk.

Where is the Gecko junkyard in Fallout 2?

The Gecko junkyard is a small area in the rear of Gecko with the mechanic’s shops, vehicle garage, general store, and an unfinished reactor complex.

What can Skeeter upgrade Fallout 2?

Skeeter upgrades weapons. A free upgrade can be obtained from him by fetching the 3-Step plasma transformer….The base prices of the upgrades are:

  • . 44 Magnum revolver: $2000.
  • Desert Eagle: $3000.
  • Hunting rifle: $4000.
  • Assault rifle: $6000.
  • FN FAL: $12,000.
  • Cattle prod: $3000.

How do you get a super tool kit?

You can get a super tool kit from Valerie in Vault City in exchange for tools and a wrench. You can also purchase (or pickpocket) a super tool kit from the Chop Shop owner in New Reno or Smitty from the Den.

Where is the red keycard in Fallout 2?

Fallout 2. Red pass key – Found in Gecko’s nuclear power plant, on a shelf in the room adjacent to both the yellow- and blue pass key rooms.

Is Harold a ghoul or mutant?

Harold is a ghoul. He’s also a little special. Super Mutants are humans with no or minimal radiation damage who have been exposed to FEV.

How old is Harold fallout?

Born in 2072, Harold was only five years old when the war started and he entered Vault 29.

How do I become a citizen of Vault City?

The way to become a Citizen of Vault City is to be born into it. Personal intervention by the Senior Councilor (in 2241 McClure) or the First Citizen (in 2241 Lynette) can grant non-citizen citizenship (though this is never done lightly).

What is a gecko in Fallout 2?

↑ 1.0 1.1 Fallout 2 Official Strategies & Secrets p.146: “Gecko is a place where ghouls end up, rather than a destination. Most ghouls found themselves unwelcome in human habitations.

Where can I find gecko city in Pokemon Go?

Gecko can be found twenty-two squares east and two squares south of Arroyo . By 2241, Harold is the leader of Gecko, assisted by Lenny, also the town’s doctor, and Festus in charge of the power plant. Before the Great War, Poseidon Oil Reactor No. 5 was a Poseidon Energy facility built next to Gecko City.

What happens if you blow up the gecko’s reactor?

Whichever way you dealt with the problem, Gecko’s reactor is no longer a threat. If you blew up the reactor, you get 2500 experience points (with a 550-point bonus if you braved the reactor pit and closed the coolant valve yourself, or if you convinced Hank to do it for you).

Why is gecko considered to be unreliable?

However, he is considered unreliable by the ghouls who administer Gecko’s supply locker/storage room, since he once caused a fire, and as such he is typically denied part requisition forms.