How do you know if Vlisco wax is real?

5 steps to identify authentic Vlisco Super-wax

  1. The iconic super-wax label. This special green and gold label on the fabric should state: ‘GUARANTEED REAL DUTCH SUPER-WAX BLOCK PRINTS – PRINTED IN HOLLAND’.
  2. The sun.
  3. The design number.
  4. The selvedge.
  5. Holospot or QR-code.

Where is wax hollandais from?

In fact the Waxblock designs are produced in Holland but got their names and meaning in Africa. Waxblock is made with highly unique printing technique which makes the fabric different from other cotton printing techniques. A waxblock or wax hollandais is made to survive the different weather conditions in Africa.

Where are Dutch wax fabrics popular now?

West Africa
African wax prints, Dutch wax prints or Ankara, are omnipresent and common materials for clothing in West Africa and Central Africa.

What is super-wax fabric?

Super-Wax is a medium weight fabric with a mid drape. Tame its vibrant designs and play of colours into formal garments to enrich your wardrobe.

What is Holland wax fabric?

What are Dutch Wax Prints? They’re 100% cotton fabrics printed in bright colors with a technique that consists in applying wax resin on the fabric before submerging it in dye.

What is hollandaise fabric?

Vlisco Wax Hollandais is a special wax-print product with one or two core colours printed into the design. Crafted from super-soft cotton to provide a great feel but incredible durability.

What is Kente made of?

Historically, when kente was used solely for royal courts or prestigious occasions, the strips were made of silk; today you’ll also find kente made of cotton or rayon blends. While weaving kente is traditionally men’s work, it is common to see both men and women donning these beautiful, wearable artworks.

Why is African fabric waxed?

Wax print fabrics are associated with African culture because of their tribal patterns and motifs. Each design and colour can reflect local traditions and symbols such as the tribe, marriage and social status of the wearer. Some African women use them as a non-verbal way of communication.

Who owns vlisco?

Actis has acquired 100% of Vlisco Group, the market leader in designer wax fashion fabrics for US$151m. Vlisco Group is a 164-year-old business which contributes to multiple West African economies with diverse brands ranging from luxury, Vlisco; through its mid-tier business Uniwax; to contemporary, GTP and Woodin.

Is Woodin made in Ghana?

Woodin – Made in Ghana; owned by Vlisco; they also sell ready-to-wear clothing.