How do you know if your alignment is shaft or coupling?

The necessary tools used for checking the alignment of a flexible coupling are a straightedge and a taper gauge or a set of feeler gauges, or by use of dial indicators. A rough check for angular alignment is made by inserting the taper gauge or feelers between the coupling faces at 90 degree intervals (see Image 2).

Why is it necessary to ensure the correct alignment of a fixed coupling?

Proper alignment will reduce bearing, shaft and coupling failures, bearing and coupling temperature, vibration, and energy consumption. In addition, good alignment will extend equipment life between planned maintenance intervals.

What are shaft spacers?

ShaftSpacer® is a plastic spacer wheel guide and alignment system for lateral positioning and centralization of rebar reinforcement cages within caissons, drilled shafts and other geotechnical construction applications. Positioning rebar within specified clearances is critical.

Which is the most accurate method of coupled shaft alignment?

For most of us, laser alignment is considered the most accurate and effective. But shaft alignment can be done with reverse dial indicator sets, or dial indicators and chain-type brackets, or a straightedge, feeler gauge, and an outside caliper.

Why is the alignment of couplings so important?

Incorrect alignment occurs when the centerlines of the motor and the driven equipment shafts are not in line with each other. Misalignment produces excessive vibration, noise, coupling, and bearing temperature increases, and premature bearing, coupling, or shaft failure.

Why is it important to align the coupling?

Decreased wear on bearings, seals, gears, couplings, shafts, and other components that make up the machines being aligned. Reduced vibration levels. Decreased energy consumption (typically a small amount, but sufficient misalignment can cause increased energy consumption).

What is spacer coupling?

In pump design, a spacer coupling is a cylindrical shaped piece introduced between the pump shaft coupling hub and motor shaft coupling hub. It gives enough space to remove the pump mechanical seal when doing maintenance, without moving either the pump body or the driver.

What is a spacer mechanical?

A spacer is used to increase the distance between parts being fastened. Spacers are often a length of tube through which a fastener is inserted; a short spacer may therefore resemble a thick washer. Washers are sometimes used as small spacers.

What is alignment tolerance?

A Shaft Alignment Tolerance is the maximum amount of misalignment the shafts can tolerate before they begin to transfer radial and axial loads to the bearings, seals, gears, and other affected machine components.