How do you open a protecta mouse bait station?

To open the Protecta LP Rat Bait Station, insert the key into one of the locks with the key prongs facing the inside edge of the station. Push the key STRAIGHT down firmly, then push the top of the key away from the station. Open one lock at a time. Repeat the procedure with the second lock to open the station.

How do I test my mouse bait station?

Place the Bait Station in Strategic Places The best placement for rodent bait stations is anywhere between their nest and usual food source. Check the area for different signs of rodent activity, such as track marks, gnaw marks, droppings, and urine smell.

How does Protecta RTU mouse bait station work?

This tamper-resistant bait station automatically locks when closed, keeping bait away from intruders. It locks with a two prong locking device that automatically snaps lock, making it tamper resistant, safe from children and other animals.

How does Protecta LP work?

This tamper-resistant bait station locks automatically when closed and unlocks with a special 2-prong key that also opens other Bell bait stations. Service time is reduced because of its easy accessibility. PROTECTA LP is available in black and light gray to fit discreetly in any baiting environment.

How long do bait stations take to work?

Once a rodent nibbles a lethal dose of the bait, they will begin to die within 24 to 48 hours. It only takes a very small amount of Tomcat’s bait to kill each nibbling pest.

Do mouse bait stations attract more mice?

Results. Modified bait stations did not attract significantly more mice. They also had other limitations as Buczkowski explains: “One issue was low durability and susceptibility to moisture. All three materials are relatively soft and susceptible to damage by moisture, both from air humidity and mouse urine.

Do you open mouse throw packs?

Throw Packs Ahh. Throw Packs. This product is one of the most frequently asked about in our RatX collection. “Do you need to open the packs for them to be effective?” – the answer is NO.

What bait is used in protecta mouse bait station?

four BLOX bait
It features four prongs that hold four BLOX bait, indispensable for heavy mouse infestations. Or use it with non-toxic DETEX BLOX to monitor mouse activity.