How do you overwinter New Guinea impatiens?

Keep them in a bright sunny window or provide supplemental light to keep them going. Water throughout the winter as needed but do not fertilize the plants. Your plants will probably be struggling by late winter, with the short days and interior growing conditions.

Can you save New Guinea impatiens over the winter?

A: Unlike geraniums, New Guinea impatiens and common impatiens can not be forced into dormancy for the winter. They must be brought inside and cared for as a house plant. To make the job easier, prune the plants back now so they will be correctly sized for indoor life.

Can you overwinter potted impatiens?

Answer: It’s quite easy to overwinter geraniums and impatiens indoors as long as you provide them with some basic needs. They should receive ample light; otherwise they will get leggy and pale.

Should you cut back New Guinea impatiens?

Just once or twice, beginning first in midsummer, cut back the entire plant by four to six inches (10-15 cm.), or three inches (7.5 cm.) from the ground. Only do this if you see the plant becoming leggy. If it remains full and grows well, there is no need to cut back.

Will New Guinea impatiens come back next year?

How long do New Guinea impantiens last? Annual impatiens last for one full growing season in most U.S. zones. Perennial impatiens (in Zones 10 through 12) will come back every year when properly cut back and cared for.

Can you save annuals over winter?

“true” annuals that die at the end of year one after producing new seed. Species such as begonias, coleus, fuchsia, Persian shield and most houseplants will overwinter if you keep them above freezing. A few start to suffer when temperatures drop below 40. So get them inside in the next couple of weeks.

Will impatiens come back next year?

A: Impatiens do indeed come back from their own seed each year. You’ll realize with experience that the seedlings don’t begin blooming until late May, which is why most folks plant blooming, nursery-grown impatiens plants in April. To get yearly re-seeding, leave the bed alone after winter kills the plants.

Can New Guinea impatiens be grown indoors?

They can be grown indoors indefinitely, but in order to flower, need sunshine. We recommend alternating pots, positioning the New Guinea’s on a sunny verandah or window sill when not in full bloom. New Guinea impatiens are disease resistant, bushy and compact.

How do you prune impatiens for the winter?

Preparing Impatiens for Winter

  1. In late fall, before the first frost, prune the impatiens’ stems about halfway along their length at a point just above a side stem or bud.
  2. Dig up the plant with a trowel or spade, trying to retain as much of the root system as possible.

Can impatiens survive frost?

Frost Tolerance The succulent stems and thin leaves of impatiens do not endure temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Even with temperatures below 36 degrees, low elevations may collect frost and cause partial defoliation of impatiens.