How do you qualify for a white cane?

To request a white cane, you can fill out our online application or mail a completed application to our office. Any blind individual in the fifty states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico can request a cane for their personal use. Requests can be made as often as every six months.

How much do blind canes cost?

Smart canes can run anywhere from $100 to upwards of $1,000, while a standard white cane typically costs $20 to $60.

What color of cane does a blind person use?

white cane
The white cane. A tool that many who are blind or visually impaired rely on to navigate their surroundings. While at first glance, these canes might look the same. However, they are many variations on the simple white cane that allows users to safely navigate the world around them.

What Are blind white cane called?

support cane
A support cane that is white can identify you as a person who is blind or has low vision. The probing cane (more commonly called a “white cane” or a “long cane”) probes for and locates obstacles in your path of travel.

Does Medicare pay for cane?

Walking canes and walkers are considered durable medical equipment (DME) by Medicare and are generally eligible for coverage under your Part B benefits if you meet the requirements listed below. Your health-care provider must accept Medicare assignment. Your doctor must prescribe this equipment for you.

What size white cane do I need?

White Cane Sizing Get the right fit: If this is your first cane you should measure from your armpit to the floor to get the appropriate size. If you are a seasoned white cane user, measure from your chin or a bit higher to get the accurate fit.

How can I get a free white cane?

To request a Free White Cane, visit or dial 410-659-9314.

What does a red tipped cane mean?

For example, in England, the traditional white cane with red tip is used by someone who is deaf-blind. Blue or yellow added to the white cane signifies that the user is blind or low vision. Small children are trained with colored canes to encourage them to use their cane.

What does a white cane with a red band mean?

Explanation: When someone is deaf as well as blind, they may carry a white stick with a red reflective band. They may not be aware that you’re approaching and they may not be able to hear anything; so, for example, your horn would be ineffective as a warning to them.

What is a red tip cane?

Red and white striped canes look a bit like candy canes and are used by people who are deafblind. This does not necessarily mean someone is totally deaf and/or totally blind. Rather, it means that they have both vision loss and hearing loss.

How do you get a white stick for the blind?

Your local social services should be able to provide you with a cane for free. They should also be able to give you mobility training so that you know how to use one to get about safely. Find your nearest social services on the Sightline Directory, by entering your postcode and the search words ‘social services’.

How to get free white canes for blind individuals?

Free White Cane Application (PDF); please mail the completed PDF application to Free White Cane Program, National Federation of the Blind, 200 East Wells Street at Jernigan Place , Baltimore, Maryland 21230. Any blind individual in the fifty states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico can request a cane for their personal use.

What is a blind white cane called?

A blind cane, also known as a White Cane, is a lightweight and sturdy rod-like cane specifically developed for visually impaired or blind individuals as a mobility tool to assist them in safely navigating their path.A blind cane, while warning the user of obstacles such as stairs, curbs, and uneven terrain, also alerts others in the vicinity that the cane user has difficulty seeing.

What is the stick that blind people use?

Why do blind people use a walking stick? What you term a walking stick is actually called a mobility cane or long white cane. Mobility canes come in all sizes and styles and are usually made from lightweight materials such as luminum, aircraft aluminum, carbon-fiber or fiberglass.

What color is a blind cane?

What color cane should a blind person have? white cane. If you see a person with a completely white cane, this will usually mean they are blind, or visually impaired. Pedestrians with a red and white striped cane however, are deafblind (with both sight and hearing impairments).