How do you use double-check in a sentence?

I will double-check the facts and write to them both. We will double-check to see whether these provisions are entirely satisfactory. I will double-check my recollection on one of the groups that he mentioned.

What does it mean when you double-check something?

double–checks; double–checked; double–checking. Britannica Dictionary definition of DOUBLE–CHECK. : to check (something) again in order to be certain. [+ object] Be sure to double-check your answers before handing in your test.

What is it called for double-check?

verify, cross-check, ascertain, examine, substantiate.

Is it correct to say double-check?

Meaning of double-check in English. If you double-check something, you make certain it is correct or safe, usually by examining it again.

How do you double check someone?

Question tags are used when you are sure you have understood but would like to double check. Use the opposite form of the helping verb of the original sentence at the end of the sentence to check.

How do you double check in an email?

So it should be: – “I need to double-check with my supervisor before we proceed with this proposal.” – “I would like to double-check the schedule of next week’s trip.”

What is triple checking?

to triple check: to make extremely sure, to verify for a third time.

Why is double checking important?

Double checking is an intervention that can catch problems before they cause harm to the patient, and as such often prevents the reporting of near misses. The double check process was seen as a risk mitigation technique, and reporting the near miss was not viewed as beneficial.

What’s another word for recheck?

What is another word for recheck?

reevaluate reconsider
reassess revise
rework retrace
replan amend
correct emend

How do you confirm something professionally?

Use these phrases to indicate that you would like to rephrase what someone has said in order to make sure you have understood something correctly. Can I rephrase what you said/have/said? Let me see if I’ve understood you correctly. You …

Is triple check a word?

Noun. An extra check or verification made a third time, usually with additional caution or attention.

How do you spell double check?

to make an inspection or examination (“ check the pipe for leaks”)

  • put on a limit or restraint (” check your spending”)
  • to make a mark ✓
  • to hit another player in hockey
  • Is double check one word or two?

    “Be polite, and double-check your words so that nothing you say could be misconstrued.” To question (someone) closely in order to verify facts, or information previously given Say something again or a number of times, typically for emphasis or clarity

    How to use double check in a sentence?

    Also,I do not have FTP running-but I better double check that.

  • I also have my genealogy if anyone wishes to double check it.
  • Roth would rely on peer review to double check that cost-benefit analysis.
  • When in doubt,double check search engine results with an experienced Wikipedian.
  • I just went to opensecrets .
  • What is a synonym for double check?

    Synonyms for double-check include check, verify, ensure, insure, make sure, reassure yourself, confirm, make certain, ascertain and establish. Find more similar words at!