How fast can a 1968 Charger go?

The highest speed obtained during any of the tests was 192.27 mph, and at this speed the driver found the car to have excellent handling and to be very controllable.

How much does a old-school Charger cost?

between $34,000 and $39,000
Answer provided by. Produced since 2006, the modern iteration of the Dodge Charger certainly embodies the old-school spirit of muscle cars. While the condition, mileage, and trim all play a factor in the price, a used Dodge Charger costs between $34,000 and $39,000 on average.

How many 1968 Dodge Chargers were made?

96,100 units
Production Total For the ’68 Charger, a healthy 96,100 units were produced. Out of that number, 17,000 of those were R/T models. The movie Bullitt may have had something to do with the large spike of old-school Mopars sold for the ’68 model year.

How many 1969 Chargers are left in the world?

At 22,500 left (1/4 of production), that’s only 450 left per state/avg. Re: How many 1969 Dodge Chargers do you suppose are left in the World?

What is a 1969 Dodge Charger 1969 worth?

After the 2005 spike, 1969 Charger prices have continued to march upwards. Today, J.D. Power’s National Automobile Dealers’ Association estimates that a pristine 440 R/T 1969 Charger with a manual transmission can fetch at least $46,500 dollars and an automatic transmission bumps that number to $57,105.

What is a 68 Charger worth?

Vehicle Valuation Analysis

Engines Median Sale
440 CID | 375 HP $42,900
426 CID | 425 HP $95,000
383 CID | 290 HP
383 CID | 330 HP $17,500

What engines came in a 68 Charger?

The base engine was a 230-horsepower, two-barrel carburetor 5.2-liter 318-cubic-inch V8 with conventional “wedge” style combustion chambers. A 290-horsepower two-barrel or 330-horsepower version of the 6.2-liter, 383-cubic-inch edition of this engine were available options.

How many 1968 Dodge Charger R/T were made?

1968 Dodge Charger R/T The R/T package added nearly $500 to the base price of the car, and more than 17,000 R/Ts were produced. In addition to the standard Magnum engine, the R/T package also included an automatic transmission, dual exhaust and a special handling package.

Where is the original Dodge Charger R/T now?

Today, the remediated land is part of a college campus. Our featured 1968 Dodge Charger R/T as it appeared in the 1970s while Don Smith of Cattaraugus, New York, owned it. He bought the car from the family of the original owner in 1975 for $325 and sold it in 1996.

Did the 1968 Dodge Charger have dual Corvette-inspired taillights?

The Second Gen Chargers are the movie bad guy/tough guy rides with everybody from Blade to Frank (Blue Velvet) to the hit men in Bullitt driving one. One issue with the article above- the 1968 Charger did not have “dual Corvette-inspired taillights.” Both cars appeared with similar dual flat circle tail light designs in 1968.

Is this charger a true R/T?

This Charger has an XP VIN it is not a True R/T. The body has held up very well. The co… The Front Suspension has .920 Torsion Bars which is correct for an R/T. This Charger has an XP VIN it is not a True R/T.