How long is Detroit Mercy PA program?

A three-year course of study is available. This program track is designed for health professionals and others who wish to earn the master’s degree while continuing employment or other obligations. Students in this track divide the didactic course work over a two-year period rather than one.

How much is PA school at Detroit Mercy?

Physician Assistant

Options Cost
Per credit hour (1-4 credit hours) $1,730
Track 1 Full-time flat rate (5+ credit hours) $17,725
Track 2 Part-time flat rate (5+ credit hours) $11,801

What is a 5 year PA program?

An accelerated PA program usually takes about five years to complete — the first three years cover bachelor’s degree courses in sciences and math, and the last two years cover master’s degree courses in PA studies. Upon graduation and passing the PA licensure exam, you become set to practice the profession.

How many PA schools are in Michigan?

Michigan is home to seven different physician assistant (PA) programs – from Eastern Michigan University to Western Michigan University, you have options throughout the state if you are trying to earn your degree in the Great Lake State.

Does Oakland University have a physician assistant program?

Oakland University’s Bachelor of Science in Clinical Diagnostic Sciences with pre-physician assistant specialization is the only program of its kind in the state of Michigan, and one of only a few pre-physician assistant programs in the country.

Does Michigan State have a physician assistant program?

The PA Medicine Program at Michigan State University offers a 27-month, 108-credit curriculum leading to the degree of Master of Science in PA Medicine. The curriculum allows PA students to team with other health professionals during both their didactic and clinical training experiences.

Are there 2 year PA programs?

Physician assistant programs can vary in length and can in general take anywhere from two to three and a half years to complete.

Are there 1 year PA programs?

Concentrations are available in either clinical medicine or education/leadership. The program is open to current PA’s with or without a bachelor’s degree. New students are accepted each quarter. Most students can complete the program in just one to two years.

Does U of M Ann Arbor have a PA program?

The World-Class U-M PA Program From Michigan Medicine in Ann Arbor to the Doctor of Physical Therapy and Doctor of Occupational Therapy in Flint, our programs are among the nation’s best in preparing successful physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and other health care leaders.