How many CBM fit in a 40 container?

What is the size of a 40 ft container?

Dimensions 2.38m x 2.35m x 12m
Total Volume 67 cubic metres (cbm)
Estimated Loading Volume 54-58cbm of cartons
Pallets in a 40ft container 18 pallets (or 36 if <110cm high and double stacked)

What is the volume of 40ft container?

2,350 cubic ft.
40′ Shipping Container Dimensions

Volume of 40 ft. Containers
Type of Container Volume Volume (Metric)
Volume of 40 ft. Containers
Standard 40′ Shipping Container Volume 2,350 cubic ft. Volume (Metric) 33 cubic meters
High Cube 40′ Shipping Container Volume 2,694 cubic ft. Volume (Metric) 76.3 cubic meters

How do you calculate volume in CBM?

Length x Width x Height = CBM This is the formula used to measure your cargo volume in CBM (m³). Say, you have a carton that is 2 metres long, 2 metres wide and 2 metres high. Then, its volume is 2 x 2 x 2 = 8 m³.

How many kg are in a CBM?


How many CBM is 20FT container?

33 CBM
20FT and 40FT Containers

Container Type Internal Dimensions Cubic Capacity
20FT General L – 5.89M W – 2.35M H – 2.36M 33 CBM
20FT High Cube L – 5.89M W – 2.35M H – 2.69M 37 CBM
40FT General L – 12.05M W – 2.35M H – 2.36M 66 CBM
40FT High Cube L – 12.05M W – 2.35M H – 2.69M 76 CBM

How many CBM can fit in a 20FT container?

25-28 cbm
As you can see, a 20ft container has a total capacity of 33 cubic metres (cbm), however in reality there is usually only around 25-28 cbm of usable space. The contents of a three-bedroom house (furniture, televisions, beds, boxes etc.) will normally fit inside a 20ft container, unless you’re a hoarder.

How many CBM is a 32 foot container?

Container Sizes

Exterior Dimensions:
Gross Weight 52910 lbs = 20000 kg
Tare 5842 lbs = 2650 kg
Payload 47070 lbs = 21350 kg
CUBIC CAPACITY 1146 cub.ft. = 32,44 m³

Is CBM the same as m3?

A cubic metre (m3 or CBM) is a just another way of saying a block of space that measures 1m x 1m x 1m, height x width x depth. This calculation gives you a far more accurate indication of volume which translates to how much space you will require on a truck.

What is the size of CBM?

In a nutshell, this measurement talks about the area of a space. For 1 CBM, all three dimensions are considered (length, width, and height). This measurement refers to a cube worth of space that’s one meter all around. In essence, it measures the volume of a space.