How many Christian colleges are in Illinois?

We’ve identified 24 Christian colleges in Illinois.

Is Illinois College a Christian college?

Illinois College is a private liberal arts college in Jacksonville, Illinois. It is affiliated with the United Church of Christ and the Presbyterian Church (USA).

What are good majors for Christians?


  • Biblical Studies.
  • Communications.
  • Gender Studies.
  • Humanities.
  • Ministry.
  • Public Administration.
  • Social Work.
  • Is Wheaton a good college?

    Wheaton College is listed as one of America’s Top Colleges 2019 in Forbes’ newly released rankings. Wheaton College (Wheaton, Illinois) was named in Forbes’ rankings of America’s Top Colleges 2019. The College earned the #122 spot out of 650 schools in this year’s list.

    What GPA do you need to get into Illinois College?

    With a GPA of 3.5, Illinois College requires you to be around average in your high school class. You’ll need a mix of A’s and B’s, and very few C’s. If you have a lower GPA, you can compensate with harder courses like AP or IB classes.

    What is a degree in religion called?

    A degree in religious studies prepares students to understand the implications of faith. Students focus on global theology in better understanding others and the diversity between different religions.

    What are the best Christian Colleges?

    Mississippi College

  • Calvary University
  • Clarks Summit University
  • Lincoln Christian University
  • Crown College
  • LeTourneau University
  • North Greenville University
  • Dallas Baptist University
  • Geneva College
  • Azusa Pacific University
  • What are the top 10 Christian universities?

    Westmont College Forbes  rank: No. 167 U.S.

  • Taylor University Forbes  rank: No. 222 U.S.
  • Calvin College Forbes  rank: No.
  • College of the Ozarks Forbes  rank: No.
  • Messiah College Forbes  rank: No.
  • Biola University Forbes  rank: No.
  • Ouachita Baptist University Forbes  rank: No.
  • Bethel University Forbes  rank: No.
  • What colleges and universities are in Illinois?

    Chicago State University

  • Eastern Illinois University
  • Governors State University
  • Illinois State University
  • Northeastern Illinois University
  • Northern Illinois University
  • Southern Illinois University
  • Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • Is there a Trinity College in Illinois?

    Trinity College is a Private not-for-profit institution with a campus in Rock Island, Illinois. The institution is approved to offer nursing programs by the Illinois Board of Nursing. The Rock Island, Illinois campus for Trinity College is located in a City setting, see the map below.