How many fires are burning in Saskatchewan?

131 active wildfires in Sask., season doubles yearly average.

Are there any fires in the Rogue Valley?

There are no wildfires in this area right now.

Where is the bell fire?

Stanislaus National Forest
The Bell Fire is located in a remote area of the Stanislaus National Forest (STF) on the Summit Ranger District in the Emigrant Wilderness between the 8000 to 9000 ft level.

How big is the Hudson Bay Fire?

roughly 46,000 hectares
The Bell fire north of Hudson Bay stretches over roughly 46,000 hectares and first sparked on July 14, but was considered contained before Sept.

Where are the fires located in Saskatchewan?

It said fires are burning in Fort a la Corne Forest and along the southwest edge of the Torch River area.

Where is the big fire in Saskatchewan?

Massive fire north of Prince Albert, Sask., is threatening farms and acreages. A large wildfire raging north of Prince Albert, Sask., has led to the evacuation of more than 35 homes so far. The fire, which started Monday afternoon, now covers more than 3,500 hectares.

Where is the smoke in the Rogue Valley coming from?

Much of that smoke came from the Almeda and Obenchain wildfires that destroyed about 2,600 homes in Jackson County. That’s when Safay decided that she needed to leave the valley.

Is Highway 395 closed due to fire?

US-395 is closed in both directions near China Springs Road and Holbrook Junction in Douglas County Nevada due to the Tamarack Wildfire.

Where are the fires in Saskatchewan 2021?

Wildfire northeast of Prince Albert, Sask. burns thousands of hectares, prompts evacuations. Cloverdale Fire May 17, 2021.

Where is the smoke in Saskatoon from?

The smoke originated from wildfires near Hudson Bay that have forced the evacuation of two communities in the area. In its special air quality statement, ECCC said winds will start pushing the plume northwards overnight into Wednesday.

Where is the smoke in Saskatchewan coming from?

Parts of Saskatchewan, including Saskatoon, remain under an air quality advisory. Environment Canada says smoke from wildfires north of Hudson Bay is pushing into central regions of the province. The smoke is producing extremely poor air quality, the agency said.

Where was the fire in Saskatoon today?

Structure Fire – 1100 Block of Hargreaves Avenue.