How many flavors does Thrifty ice cream have?

Thrifty’s ice cream has more than 45 flavors including seasonal and limited edition flavors. Watch our for flavor chunks and pieces !

What are Thrifty ice cream flavors?

Flavors available at the test stores include Thrifty Ice Cream Butter Pecan, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Malted Krunch, Cookies ‘n Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, Pistachio Nut, Rocky Road and Vanilla.

What is the most popular Thrifty ice cream flavor?

“Thrifty brand ice cream is the best,” said Farrell’s co-owner Mike Fleming, whose favorite flavor is strawberry.

Who makes Rite Aid ice cream?

Albertsons Companies Inc.
Albertsons Companies Inc., the conglomerate that owns grocery store chains across the country, including Vons, Pavilions, and Safeway, recently moved to add Rite Aid to its portfolio. Along with the drug store chain would come the Thrifty ice cream brand, which has been owned by Rite Aid since 1996.

Why does Rite Aid sell ice cream?

Rite Aid also sells the ice cream in tubs and cartons to people who want to eat it at home and to distributors that enable other businesses, in turn, to dish it up for their own customers. The value Thrifty provides is a key reason it has stood the test of time, said Flickinger, the retail consultant.

What is in spumoni?

What Is Spumoni? Spumoni is an Italian-American layered gelato (or ice cream) dessert. Most commonly spumoni is made by creating a molded frozen dessert of three layers: pistachio, cherry, and chocolate or vanilla gelato.

What is Medieval Madness ice cream?

Medieval madness is a chocolate ice cream with 3 Musketeers chunks mixed in, and is a fan favorite Thrifty original. The rainbow sherbet is appealing because of its many colors, but also delivers an excellent, fruity taste.

What’s in chocolate malted crunch?

Ingredients. Cream, Skim Milk; Water, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Malt Crunch (sugar Crisp Rice, Vegetable Shortening, Vegetable Gum, Corn Sweetener, Invert Sugar, Dry Malt, Liquid Malt), Chocolate [chocolate Liquor, Sugar.

Does Thrifty PayLess own Rite Aid?

In 1996, Rite Aid acquired 1,000 West Coast stores from Thrifty PayLess Holdings, creating a chain with over 3,500 drug stores….Thrifty PayLess.

Type holding company
Defunct October 15, 1996 (as Thrifty PayLess Holdings, Inc.) Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Fate Acquired by Rite Aid
Successors Rite Aid
Number of locations 1,000+

How much was a 1980 ice cream cone?

Buying power of $20.00 since 1977

Year USD Value Inflation Rate
1980 $26.55 13.49%
1981 $29.46 10.96%
1982 $30.07 2.05%
1983 $30.64 1.89%

When was Thrifty ice cream 15 cents?

By the 1970s, Thrifty ice cream was a household name with scoop shops inside drug stores scattered across California. Its most loyal fans fondly recall piling into the family station wagon to get a cone for as little as 5 or 15 cents.