How many levels are there in synchronized skating?

18 levels
Synchronized skating teams in the United States compete in 18 levels.

What is novice level in figure skating?

i) Basic Novice – has not reached the age of thirteen (13); ii) Intermediate Novice – has not reached the age of fifteen (15); iii) Advanced Novice – has reached the age of ten (10) and has not reached the age of fifteen (15) for girls (Singles/Pairs Skating/Ice Dance) and boys (Single Skating) and seventeen (17) for …

What is a novice skater?

Rule 108, paragraph 3) c) In International Novice Competitions a Novice is a Skater who has met the following requirements before July 1st preceding the competition: i) Basic Novice – has not reached the age of thirteen (13). ii) Intermediate Novice – has not reached the age of fifteen (15).

How many levels of skating are there?

Pairs and dance levels include preliminary, juvenile, intermediate, novice, junior, and senior. Senior-level pairs skaters are required to include two synchronized double jumps, a pair spin, a double throw jump, and one double twist lift in their test program.

Do synchronized skaters jump?

With the internationalization of the sport, it has evolved rapidly, with increasing emphasis on speed and skating skills, and “highlight” elements such as jumps, spirals, spins, and lifts that originally were not permitted in competition.

How much does synchronized skating cost?

$2,000 to $3,000 per year per
Estimated cost for synchronized skating is $2,000 to $3,000 per year per skater, usually paid in monthly installments.

How long is a novice freeskate program?

Novice Singles Short Program Requirements
Program time – 2:30 max. (Axel or Double Axel)
Spin No change of foot
May not have flying entry
Min. 6 rev.

How popular is synchronized skating?

There are approximately 600 synchronized teams registered with U.S. Figure Skating, and nearly 5,000 athletes participate annually in the synchronized skating sectional championships.

Will synchronized skating be an Olympic sport?

Synchronized skating is looking for a spot at the Winter Olympics in 2026 A push has been underway to turn the sport into an Olympic competition. And while that effort fell short for 2022, skaters are hoping they can crack the next Winter Games when they’re held in Italy.