How many lifestyle stores are there?

Currently, Lifestyle is present across 77 stores, 44 cities and delivers to over 26000 pin codes. Lifestyle is a true omni-channel player with its online store where customers can shop from the convenience of their home. walk into a Lifestyle India store every hour.

What kind of store is lifestyle?

Originating in India in 1999, Lifestyle is an Emirati retail fashion brand which comes under Dubai-based retail and hospitality conglomerate, the Landmark Group.

What is the meaning of lifestyle store?

A lifestyle store is a retail store selling a wide variety of product categories under a single brand. It is designed to associate a brand with one or another aspirational lifestyle. Lifestyle stores may include clothing, housewares, furniture, stationery, gifts, and so on.

Which is Delhi’s biggest mall?

Select City Mall
A: Select City Mall is the biggest mall in Delhi currently. It has a huge option to shop and dine, and can be visited with family, friends or solo.

Who is the owner of Lifestyle stores?

Landmark GroupLifestyle / Parent organization

Who is the owner of lifestyle?

What is a lifestyle shopping mall?

A lifestyle center is a shopping center, or mixed-use commercial development that combines retail with other services, such as restaurants, movie theaters, apartment complexes, medical services, and more.

Which is the largest mall in Asia?

World’s largest malls

Rank Mall Country
1 Iran Mall Iran
2 South China Mall China
3 SM Mall of Asia Philippines
4 SM Tianjin China

Is lifestyle a good brand?

Lifestyle is one of the best brands I had ever seen. I bought a dress from gopalan mall in bangalore which is near to tinfactory. Prices are little high but as its cloth quality is excellent we can buy it. Customer service is excellent.

Who is CEO of lifestyle?

Kabir Lumba (Jan 2021–)Lifestyle / CEO