How many missiles can Eurofighter carry?

Only Eurofighter Typhoon possesses both adequate weapon availability (up to 6 bombs whilst also carrying six missiles, a cannon and a targeting pod) and sufficient processing power to simultaneously support missile in-flight updates and bomb in-flight targeting.

How big is a fighter jet fuel tank?

(For this mission, each fighter carried one drop tank of approximately 150 to 165 US gal (570 to 620 L), and a larger one of approximately 300 to 330 US gal (1,100 to 1,200 L).

What is aircraft CFT?

Conformal fuel tanks (CFTs) are additional fuel tanks fitted closely to the profile of an aircraft that extend the endurance of the aircraft.

What is the fuel capacity of flight?

The plane will consume 2,508 litres of fuel per hour. An Airbus A321neo fuel capacity of 32,940 litre. If an Airbus A321neo burns 0.683 litre per second, Boeing 747 uses approximately 4 litres every second, which translates to 240 litres per minute and 14,400 litre per hour.

Is the Eurofighter Typhoon the most controversial European combat aircraft ever?

RAF Eurofighter Typhoon (© 2010, Jeroen Oude Wolbers ). The RAF’s new Eurofighter Typhoon has the distinction of being the most controversial European combat aircraft since the stillborn TSR.2. Lauded by its proponents and trashed by its opponents, the aircraft seems to have an extraordinary ability to generate public argument.

How many Typhoon jets did Qatar buy from Eurofighter Typhoon?

^ a b “Qatar buys 24 Eurofighter Typhoon jets in £6bn deal”. BBC News. 10 December 2017. Retrieved 11 December 2017. ^ Hoyle, Craig (19 September 2018). “Qatar makes first payment against Typhoon buy”. FlightGlobal. London. Archived from the original on 20 September 2018. Retrieved 20 September 2018. ^ “EUROFIGHTER DA-2/ZH588” (PDF).

What is Eurofighter Typhoon made of?

Eurofighter Typhoon is made of carbon-fibre composites, glass-reinforced plastic, aluminium lithium, titanium and aluminium casting. Credit: Chris Lofting. The pilot’s control system of the aircraft is a voice throttle and stick system (VTAS). Credit: Adrian Pingstone (Arpingstone).

Who was the pilot of the Eurofighter Typhoon that crashed?

The sole pilot, Captain Fernando Lluna Carrascosa of the Spanish Air Force, who had over 600 Eurofighter flying hours, died in the crash. On 23 June 2014, a Typhoon of the German Air Force suffered a mid-air collision with a Learjet 35A, which crashed near Olsberg, Germany.