How many Secret Wars does Marvel have?

Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars
No. of issues 12
Main character(s) Avengers Fantastic Four X-Men Spider-Man Hulk Magneto Doctor Doom Absorbing Man Doctor Octopus Enchantress Kang Klaw Lizard Molecule Man Ultron the Wrecking Crew Galactus Beyonder
Creative team
Written by Jim Shooter

What is Secret Wars collection worth?

The estimated market value is $349.24. Mavin found 3.5K sold results. Prices range from $5.88 to $3,859.95.

How much is Secret Wars 8?

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 $1.00 Variant Value

9.2 Near Mint – $205
8.0 Very Fine $110
6.0 Fine $77
4.0 Very Good $52
2.0 Good $26

How Much Is Secret Wars 7?

Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars

undefinedundefined Issue: # 7
Cover Price: $0.75
Current Value: $25.00
Searched: 13301
Owned: 2260

How much is secret wars 12 worth?

Secret Wars comic books issue 12

$8 Secret Wars 12 VG/FN
$105 Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #12 (1985) CGC 9.6 White Pages Shooter – Zeck
$123 Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #12 VF/NM Classic Marvel Comics
$125 Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #12 cgc 9.8

Who is more powerful than the Beyonders?

Sitting at the very apex of the cosmic pecking order, the One-Above-All is the most powerful being in the Marvel multiverse. Both omnipotent and omniscient, it alone possesses greater power than the Living Tribunal and Beyonders and acts as the Marvel Universe’s supreme being.

How many Beyonders are there?

BEYONDERS: The Complete Set This epic fantasy trilogy includes all three hardcover action-packed titles: A World Without Heroes, Seeds of Rebellion, and Chasing the Prophecy.