How many women have been raped in Egypt?

quoted Egypt’s Interior Ministry’s figure that 20,000 rapes take place every year, although according to the activist Engy Ghozlan (ECWR), rapes are 10 times higher than the stats given by Interior Ministry, making it 200,000 per year.

How many women in Egypt have been harassed?

According to a 2013 United Nations study, says FP’s Elias Groll, “virtually all Egyptian women have been victims of sexual harassment.” A whopping 99.3 percent of the women studied report having been sexually harassed.

How many females in Egypt are affected by gender based violence?

Women reported in 2018 that 26% of Egyptian women ages 15-49 endured intimate partner violence “at least once in their lifetime.”

Is domestic violence legal in Egypt?

The penalty is imprisonment or a fine, and penalties are increased if the act is repeated within one year. In order to combat the phenomenon of intimidation and the threat of use of force of violence against a wife, offspring or ascendants, the Egyptian legislature promulgated Law No.

What things are illegal in Egypt?

7 Illegal Things in Egypt That You Might Not Know About

  • Drones.
  • Sharing an apartment or hotel room with an Egyptian of the opposite sex if you’re not married.
  • Photography near military facilities.
  • The rainbow flag.
  • Bringing certain medications into the country.
  • Drinking on Islamic holidays (except in hotels)

What is the problem of sexual harassment in Egypt?

The problem of sexual harassment in Egypt gained worldwide attention during and after the 2011 uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak, when women were harassed, groped — and in some cases, beaten and sexually assaulted — during mass anti-government protests.

Is life getting worse for women in Egypt?

In the wake of the revolution, life in Egypt seems to be getting even worse for the country’s women. At the very least, the revolutionary atmosphere that started with the 2011 Arab Spring protests has done little to change the staggering prevalence of harassment that women there face, says Foreign Policy.

Where are women most likely to be harassed?

The women in the study reported being harassed everywhere, from malls to markets to public transit, and just out on the street. Women were whistled and yelled at, touched and stalked, subjected to sexual innuendo and to men exposing themselves.

Are visitors to the Pyramids of Giza harassed and harassed?

Visitors to the Pyramids at Giza and other famous archeological sites in Egypt are routinely harassed and followed by young men aggressively offering tours, souvenirs, carriage or camel rides.