How much did Damien Hirst artwork sell for?

In June of 2007, Hirst gained the world record for the most expensive work of art sold at auction by a living artist: Lullaby Spring, a 3-metre wide cabinet filled with over 6,000 pills, sold for $19.2 million.

Did Damien Hirst paint the currency?

Five years in the making, The Currency is the first NFT project by Damien Hirst, spanning 10,000 works of hand-drawn art, each correlated with a digital edition.

Is NFT worth anything?

Some believe NFTs have incredible artistic and investment value, while others believe NFTs are a worthless trend, destined to fizzle out. Understanding non-fungible tokens (NFTs) requires understanding fungible tokens first. An example of a fungible token is money.

What is the meaning of the diamond encrusted skulls by Damien Hirst?

The diamond encrusted skulls created by Damien Hirst. By on November 18, 2013 • ( 1 ) In 2007 and 2008 artist Damien Hirst became notorious for casting two human skulls in platinum and setting them with diamonds to make a statement on the inevitability of death and the vulgarity of materialism.

What inspired Damien Hirst to draw skulls?

Hirst’s fascination with skulls began at a young age—at 16, the artist began visiting the anatomy department of Leeds Medical School to draw the cadavers. “ [Death is] just something that inspires me, not something that pulls me down,” Hirst once explained.

What is Stephen Hirst’s platinum skull?

The skull is a platinum replica of a human skull bought by Hirst from a London taxidermist. The skull was subjected to bioarchaeological analysis and radiocarbon dating, which revealed that the skull was from the 18 th century, and likely belonged to a 35-year-old man of European/Mediterranean ancestry

How much does a Damien Hirst print cost?

But those who lack resources or security guards have not been forgotten: Mr. Hirst is offering limited editions of silkscreen prints of it, costing from $2,000 to $20,000. (The most expensive 250 prints are sprinkled with diamond dust.)