How much does a Quran cost in India?

100% Authentic products. Quran Majeed (Aasaan Hindi Anuvad) – Translated by: Maulana Wahi……Quran Sharif (NA, Arabic, NA)

Book Quran Sharif
Publisher NA
Edition Latest
Number of Pages 1000
Language Arabic

Where can I buy Islamic books online in India?

Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited.

  • Atlantic Publishers and Distributors.
  • Bookswagon.
  • Fast Media 2.
  • Peacockbooks.
  • University Bookstores Boston INDIA.
  • Sunrise Book store.
  • How much is the price of Quran?

    Safe and Secure Payments. Easy returns. 100% Authentic products. The Quran (Sahee International) English Meanings And Notes By Sah……Holy Quran (Arabic) (Paperback, Arabic, A. Y. Ali)

    Book Holy Quran (Arabic)
    Publisher Islamic Book Service
    Edition 1
    Number of Pages 752
    Language Arabic

    What is a rainbow Quran?

    These beautiful leather bound Rainbow Qurans are intricately embossed with a unique pattern on the covers. Pages are bordered in vibrant colors. Each quarter of the Holy Quran is filled with breathtaking colored pages.

    What is the smallest Quran in the world?

    Thumbnail Quran
    Thumbnail Quran (Persian: قرآن بندانگشتی) or Miniature Quran are tiny-written Qurans having 2 types: Modern and Antique. Newer versions are produced in China, United Arab Emirates and Iran. But the antique versions can have almost 2 cm length, 1.5 cm width and 1 cm thickness.

    How can I buy Arabic books online?

    Online bookstores for Arabic books

    1. Dar al-Salam, Egypt.
    2. ArabicBookshop, Lebanon.
    3. Neelwafurat, Lebanon and Egypt.
    4. Sifatu Safwa, Ireland.
    5. al-Manhal, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    6. alkutub (Hans Schiler), Germany.

    What are the four holy books of Islam?

    Belief in the Books of God: Muslims believe that God revealed holy books or scriptures to a number of God’s messengers. These include the Quran (given to Muhammad), the Torah (given to Moses), the Gospel (given to Jesus), the Psalms (given to David), and the Scrolls (given to Abraham).

    How much is a Quran in UAE?

    AED 125.00(Inc.

    Where is the biggest Quran in the world?

    KARACHI, Pakistan The rare artwork, measuring 8.5 feet long and 6.5 feet wide, is poised to break the record currently held by a copy of Quran sized at 6.5 and 4.5 feet which was prepared in Afghanistan in 2017 and is now kept at the Kul Sharif Mosque in the Russian city of Kazan.