How much does a vineyard in New Zealand cost?

Bayleys’ local agent Trevor Mackay estimated a hectare of established vineyard would cost around NZ$60-$65,000 per hectare but admitted nothing had sold in the past two years. ‘It costs about NZ$60,000 to fully develop a vineyard so any buyer would be getting it at cost,’ Mackay said.

How much is the NZ wine industry worth?

Despite the challenges of the past 12 months, in the year ended 30 June 2020 our industry managed to achieve record exports totalling $1.92 billion, up 6% on last year and domestic sales of around $500 million.

What is the largest wine producing region in New Zealand?

Marlborough is by far the largest wine region in New Zealand, accounting for three-quarters of the country’s total wine production and 70% of its planted vineyard area. Internationally it is also the most recognised, its wines accounting for 85% of New Zealand’s 2019 wine exports.

What is the name of New Zealand’s oldest surviving winery?

Mission Estate, La Grande Maison Mission Estate Winery, established in 1851 by pioneering French Missionaries is New Zealand’s oldest winery and the birthplace of New Zealand wine.

How much is a ton of grapes worth?

The average price per ton in District 13 was $314.25. Grapes produced in District 4 (Napa County) received the highest average price at $4,577.62 per ton, down 20.7% from 2019. District 3 (Sonoma and Marin counties) received the second highest average price at $2,417.48 per ton, down 15.1% from 2019.

What does it mean to lease a vineyard?

Leasing a vineyard can provide a middle ground for small or start-up producers, reducing capital outlay while granting total oversight from choice of varietals, rootstock and clones through cultivation practices, irrigation and trellising through harvest.

How many wineries are there in NZ?

731 wineries
NZ Winegrowers membership There are now 731 wineries and 732 grape grower members.

What is the most widely planted grape in New Zealand?

Sauvignon Blanc
As a result of grapes being grown in such a range of mini-climates and soil types, a diverse range of styles has developed. Sauvignon Blanc is New Zealand’s most commonly planted grape, accounting for more than two-thirds of all New Zealand wine.

Are small wineries profitable?

Although vineyards are associated with a relatively high investment (compared to annual crops), they can be very profitable. Winegrape growers have two options: selling grapes to cellars and brokers, or making their wine and selling it.

Can you make money owning a vineyard?

Vineyards are often a good investment for their owners, but they can take years to become profitable. A vineyard isn’t a quick way to earn money. Like most commercial ventures, it requires substantial investment, hard work, and the right combination of skills and knowledge.