How much does an AIS system cost?

between $200 and $400
AIS receivers are built by all the major electronics manufacturers, plus a few specialty companies. Cost generally ranges between $200 and $400.

How much does an AIS transponder cost?

Our Price: $549.99 It is the world’s first Class B AIS with built-in NMEA 2000 gateway.

What is the difference between AIS transponder and transceiver?

An AIS transceiver uses VHF radio and GPS technology to communicate with other nearby ships. An AIS transponder determines its own position, speed and course using a built in GPS receiver.

What is difference between Class A and B AIS transponder?

Class A AIS transponders are required to have a DSC (156.525 MHz) receiver, external GPS, heading, and rate of turn indicator, and can also transmit and receive safety-related text messages. Class B AIS transponders operate using Carrier-Sense TDMA (CSTDMA) broadcast mode and transmit at a power level of 2 watts.

What do I need for AIS?

For an AIS device to function well, it must be properly installed. All AIS devices have internal GPS. Some AIS units have internal GPS antennas that can be helpful but may not work well belowdecks, so an external GPS antenna may be required.

Will a VHF antenna work for AIS?

VHF antennas can work on AIS, yet the frequency of 162 MHz they will be operating at, is at the high end of the operable bandwidth of the antenna, where performance is not ideal. Many of the AIS transmit/receive units are also coming with splitters now, to utilize the same antenna as your VHF radio.

How do I get free data on AIS?

A great source of free (historical) AIS data is NOAA office for coastal management. They publish historical AIS data making it accessible through easy-to-download csv files published on an FTP site.

How many types of AIS are there?

At present there are 25 identified AIS message types. There are different technical means of transmitting in these slots.

Why do ships turn off AIS?

A ship’s crew may turn off its AIS broadcast for a variety of legitimate reasons, but this behavior may indicate that a vessel is hiding its location and identity to conceal illegal activities like fishing in no-take protected areas or entering another country’s waters without authorization.

Which AIS transponder should I buy?

In other words, if you have an all Garmin network on your boat, for example, you can go with the Garmin AIS 800 Class B Transponderif you want to maintain a single brand or you can go with any other AIS transponder from any other brand. Either way, the AIS data output by the transponder you choose is the same.

Can AIS transponders output GPS NMEA data?

All AIS transponders have the ability to output GPS NMEA data in addition to AIS data.

What are the different types of EM-Trak AIS transponder?

5-watt AIS with integrated display: em-trak B400 Class B AIS Transponder Single 5-watt unit with integrated Wi-Fi and splitter: em-trak B954 Class B SOTDMA AIS Transponder with Integrated Splitter, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

What is the best Class B SOTDMA AIS transponder?

em-trak B953 Class B SOTDMA AIS Transponder with Integrated Splitter AMEC WideLink B600S Class B SOTDMA AIS Transponder with Integrated Splitter Fully functional 2-watt AIS with Wi-Fi support: Vesper Marine XB-8000 AIS Transponder with WiFi Fully functional 5-watt AIS with Wi-Fi support: AMEC WideLink B600W Class B SOTDMA AIS Transponder