How much does it cost to go to iFLY in Cincinnati Ohio?

How much does it cost? Individuals can try it out for $69.50. Groups of 6 or more can receive a discounted rate of $59.50.

How big is the wind tunnel at iFLY?

32 feet
Measuring 9.8 meters (32 feet) in diameter with a flyable height over 31.5 meters (104 feet), iFLY Tunnel Systems designed, engineered, manufactured, and commissioned the largest vertical wind tunnel in the world in November 2019.

What county is Liberty Township OH in?

Liberty Township, Butler County, Ohio
County Butler
• Total 29.3 sq mi (75.8 km2)
• Land 29.2 sq mi (75.7 km2)

Is iFly worth the money?

I paid $160 for two people to fly for the first time… you get an 1.5-2 hours of “fly time.” LIES! I literally paid $160 for TWO MINUTES. You first go into a room to watch safety rules then get geared up and wait in line because you are in a group of 10-15 people.

Where is world biggest indoor skydiving?

Reach New Heights at CLYMB Get blown away in the world’s biggest indoor skydiving flight chamber with an unmatched width of 32 feet and a record-breaking height of 104 feet.

How high do you get indoor skydiving?

between 10-20 feet
The high flight normally rises at the highest point somewhere between 10-20 feet above the net within the flight chamber. Most modern wind tunnels offer high flights either as a part of their first-time package or as of the recent past, at an extra charge.

What if the power goes out at iFly?

Do they crash down? As safety is our highest priority, tunnels designed by iFLY utilize proprietary technology that provides safe descent in the event of a power failure. In fact, we test every tunnel during commissioning where we simulate a full power failure with a flyer at the top of the tunnel.

How many iFly locations are there in the US?

37 locations
iFly — Across the U.S. iFly has over 37 locations all over the world and has become a main commercial businesses that offers the unique experience of indoor skydiving. Opening their doors in 1982, this place is one of the original locations that offered the thrilling experience of indoor skydiving.