How much is a 2013 Yamaha jet ski worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $9,599 $9,200
Options (Add)
Total Price $9,599 $9,200

How fast do Yamahas go?

A Yamaha WaveRunner can go as fast as 50 – 67 mph depending on the model. The entry-level EX WaveRunners offer around 50 mph top speed, while you can hit an amazing 67 mph with the flagship Yamaha WaveRunners.

How fast is a Yamaha VXS?

Another “must mention” is the VXS’ speed and fuel consumption. Her top end speed of 68.4 mph is nothing to sneeze at and getting from 0 to 30 mph in 1.8 seconds is also commendable.

What is the fastest WaveRunner 2021?

The Sea-Doo RXP-X300 has had its biggest overhaul in nine years, with a completely new model that promises to be the world’s fastest-accelerating personal watercraft. With a claimed 0 to 100kmh time of less than three seconds – in launch mode – the 2021 Sea-Doo RXP-X300 aims to be the quickest watercraft on sale today.

Do Yamaha WaveRunners have a carbon seal?

Rather than a carbon seal, Sea-Doo Spark and Spark Trixx models made from 2014 to 2020 have a rubber seal (as per Yamaha and Kawasaki), and a splined driveshaft goes straight into the back of the engine.

How long does it take to break in a WaveRunner?

Your break in period is within the first 5 hours. The first service or oil change is 50 hours or 1 year, whichever one comes first. Consult with your local dealer or owners manual as the specs can change.

How fast is a Seadoo RXT 260?

Module removes the restrictive GPS controlled speed limits (67mph US/72mph International) on Sea-Doo iControl models allowing top speed to exceed factory settings.

How fast does a Yamaha gp1800 go?

Beyond the factory performance specs, every performance-minded buyer asks: How fast does a Yamaha GP1800 go? Being the fastest WaveRunner on the market, the Yamaha GP1800R SVHO’s top speed is 67-69 mph, thanks to an electronic speed limiter, which is installed in every US model by default.

What are the Yamaha WaveRunner gp1800r dimensions?

Speaking of the GP1800R dimensions, it’s not the biggest WaveRunner in Yamaha’s fleet. It’s just 131.9” long, while 48” wide and 46.9” high. Compared to the FX series, the GP1800R is 9” shorter and 2” slimmer.

What are the features of the new Honda gp1800r?

Beyond the 1.812cc supercharged (250 HP) engine, the new GP1800R features several race-inspired parts like the top-loader intake grate, the redesigned ride plate, or the unique sponsons, which offer great handling and amazing performance.

How do you reverse on a Yamaha gp1800r?

Just like many other WaveRunners in Yamaha’s fleet, the GP1800R is also equipped with an electric trim system and the user-friendly brake and reverse system (called RiDE). With this feature, you can switch from forward to reverse or even spin the WaveRunner easily and precisely with the dual handlebar controls.