How much is a surf trip to Maldives?

Maldives Surf Trip Costs Expect costs to range between $300 and $1,000+ per person, per day, depending on where you stay and what level of luxury you opt for. Some stays will include food and drink, transportation, and multiple activities, so many costs can be included in your booking.

Can you do surfing in Maldives?

The Maldives surf points are long and range from hollow, fast and shallow to fun, forgiving waves. The best surfboard for you to bring is the one you are comfortable on in your day to day groveling at home. No big guns required as even with some size most spots allow for an easy take off.

Can you surf in the Maldives in February?

The main Maldives surf season runs from February to mid November – so if you’re planning on surfing in the Maldives anytime in that window will have a good chance of scoring some fun waves!

Where can I surf in Sri Lanka?

Hikkaduwa, Galle District. When asking where to surf in Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa may well be the answer on your fellow traveller’s lips.

  • Mirissa, Matara District.
  • Arugam Bay, Batticaloa Territory.
  • Weligama, Matara District.
  • Is Sri Lanka surf good?

    Sri Lanka is world-famous for surfing and has breaks suitable for all levels, so you’ll be in seventh heaven whether you’re a hardcore surfer or you’ve not yet mastered standing on a board. The country is a year-round destination because of the seasonal patterns that mean when one coast is choppy, the other is calm.

    Is Sri Lanka good for beginner surfers?

    Literally translating to ‘Sandy Village’, Weligama was destined to be on our list of where to surf in Sri Lanka. It’s arguably the best place for beginner surfers in the country. This energetic town is a lot of fun to spend some time in while you surf to your heart’s content.

    Why choose Maldives surf resorts?

    Maldives surf resorts are all about getting empty wave perfection and the easy island living, providing you with a majestic surf experience that is uncomparable to anything else! Maldives surf spots are some of the best waves in the world, with endless surf breaks scattered among the countries 1192 islands.

    Why book a Maldives vacation?

    The beautiful thing about the Maldives is that there’s so much on offer and you can enjoy a vacation of a lifetime exactly the way you want. Not only above the water are the Maldives a real feast for the eyes but they also have a lot to offer below the surface too.

    What can you do in the Maldives?

    In the Maldives, you can surf until you drop – day in day out. However, If you ever need a break or a change of pace, the Maldives has something for everyone on offer. Practice yoga as the sun rises, check out the beautiful underwater world with a pair of flippers, snorkel, and mask, or just do nothing at all!

    When is the best time to surf in Maldives?

    The North Male Atolls is the best region to Surf in the Maldives. From April and October tend to be the best time to travel.