How much is the medical fee in Saudi Arabia?

Medical Test fees The fee for medical tests for Saudi Visa varies from country to country but it is in the range of around SR 300 to be paid in the local currency. GAMCA medical test fee for Saudi Arabia Visa in India: INR 6,000. GAMCA medical test fee for Saudi Arabia Visa in Pakistan: PKR 9,300.

What is Gamca slip?

From 1st April 2018, GAMCA has opted for online medical slip generator and payment methods. The Candidates can log onto the GAMCA website and generate their own medical slip for the medical check up by means of online payment, or they can take our service which comes up to 1500*.

How do I get GCC medical certificate?

It has to be done from the Authorised Medical Centres assigned by Gulf Health Council. On registration, you will get a GCC Medical Test Registration Slip which is valid for 30 days at present. Always carry your original passport when you visit the clinic for medical.

How can I pass my medical exam in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Medical Test That Meets All of the Requirements

  1. Blood lab work for HIV, hepatitis C, and hepatitis B.
  2. Urinalysis.
  3. Stool test.
  4. Review the history of past illnesses.
  5. Vision exam.
  6. Chest x-ray.
  7. Physical examination.

What is the address of gamca Medical Center Chennai?

Gamca Medical Center Address in Chennai. Gamca Chennai. You have to take Appointment Before Going for Medical,To Take appointment we can help you,Please contact Below Address. No B2, BBC Plaza,178-180 North Usman Road, ( Near Bharathi Nagar Bus Stop, Near Sony Center) T.Nagar, Chennai – 600017.

How much does it cost to make an appointment at gamca?

We have to make a Payment of 10 USD (Apox 750 INR) through credit card for making Gamca appointment,Medical Center Address will be mentioned in the slip,This Appointment Slip normally valid for one month in that period any working day you can do medical in that clinic,Be careful while making appointment any mistakes happens we cannot change or…

Where can I get medical test done in gamca?

Medical will be done in Gamca Approved Medical Center,We can’t Choose any clinic,You have to take Appointment before Going for Medical,Medical Center Address will come in Appointment Slip,We can assist you in getting Appointment for Medical Test, Address.

Where can I find a good medical centre in Chennai?

GAMCA Approved Medical Centres in Chennai (GAMCA Chennai) Al SAUDI CLINICAL SERVICES Dr. G. Rangarajan Address: No. 26, Sardar Patel Road, 2nd Floor, Adayar, Chennai – 600 020. HUMA SPECIALISTS HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTRE Pvt. Ltd.