How much terrain do you need for Flames Of War?

How much terrain do you need for Flames Of War? A Flames Of War game set in the outskirts of the city is typically played on 6’x4′ (180cm x 120cm) tables with some city terrain, such as a few large buildings, lots of houses, railways, and streets leading into the city centre .

What size are Flames Of War bases?

There are there standard base sizes in Flames Of War; small measuring 1¼”/32mm wide by 1”/25mm deep, medium measuring 2”/50mm wide by 1¼”/32mm deep and large 2”/50mm wide by 2½”/65mm deep. Check out the Mixed Bases (with Figures Holes) in the online store here…

Is Flames Of War 15mm?

Battlefront Miniatures Limited is a New Zealand company which manufactures 1:100 (15mm) Scale models and miniatures from World War II for wargaming and collecting.

How big is a Flames Of War tank?

The M26 was a 42-tonne vehicle, armed with an M3 90mm L/50 gun, the same that equipped the M36 Tank Destroyer. The new tank sported sloped 4” (102mm) cast front armour, increasing the protection of its crew compared to earlier American tanks.

Can you play flames of war solo?

Hopefully you can now see ways of continuing to play Flames Of War and WWIII: Team Yankee while keeping safe from Covid-19 and expand your range of gaming experiences. As you do so, remember the two key rules of solo wargaming: there are no rules — make it up to suit yourself — and have fun!

What do I need to play flames of war?

What You need to play Flames of War

  1. An opponent. Flames Of War is a social game played by two or more players, so grab a friend and get started.
  2. Two Armies.
  3. A Rulebook.
  4. Intelligence Handbooks.
  5. An Artillery Template.
  6. A Battlefield.
  7. Terrain.
  8. Dice.

What scale is 15mm?


Figure height Scale foot Scale ratio
10 mm ≈1.667 mm – ≈1.9 mm 1:160 – ≈1:182
12 mm 2 mm ≈1:152
15 mm ≈3 mm ≈1:100
18 mm ≈3.5 mm ≈1:87