How old is Kirsten Landman?

Landman, a 28-year-old from KwaZulu-Natal, spoke to CapeTalk’s Pippa Hudson about her achievement and the tough challenges she had to overcome along the way.

Is the a Dakar Rally for 2022?

THE 2022 RALLY The 2022 edition of the Dakar Rally will again take place solely in Saudi Arabia, with crews setting off from the city of Ha’il on January 2. The traditional rest day will take place on January 8 in the city of Riyadh, before the route heads to Jeddah for the finish on January 14.

How many cars does the Dakar 2022 have?

The route consisted of one prologue stage and 12 normal stages, with one rest day in Riyadh on 8 January….

2022 Dakar Rally
Stages 12
Stage surface Sand, rocks, dirt, tarmac
Cars winner Nasser Al-Attiyah Mathieu Baumel Toyota Gazoo Racing

Who is Ross Branch?

Ross Branch (born 6 May 1986) is a Botswana motorcycle racer representing Botswana. He lives in Gaborone, Botswana and rode for the KTM Off-Road Racing Team until October 2018.

How do I join the Dakar Rally?

Everyone can enter the Dakar; the only condition is to be at least 18-years of age. You do not need to be a rally-raid champion to take part. The goal of the Dakar is to have both professionals and amateurs participating in the same rally and on the same route. Only Bikes and Quads are subject to a selection.

How much horsepower does a Dakar car have?

We reckon the GR Hilux T1+ will have upwards of 450 horsepower at its disposal, give or take. Other changes include more suspension travel, now increased to 13.8-inches (350 mm) from the previous model’s 11.0-inches (280 mm).

What is the fastest vehicle in the Dakar Rally?

T1s are two- or four-wheel drive machines equipped with petrol or diesel-powered engines. They are the fastest and, often, the most impressive cars in the field. T2: Their race number is on a white background.

What does it cost to race Dakar?

Racing Dakar as a Privateer with a minimal level of security that the basics are covered, costs at least $50,000.