How old is squid from Stampy?

age 30
David Spencer (born: January 29, 1992 (1992-01-29) [age 30]) better known online as iBallisticSquid, is an English YouTuber, gamer, and comedian from Yorkshire, England. One reason for his success was his collaborations with other YouTubers. For example, Stampy is sometimes seen in Spencer’s videos.

What kind of accent does iBallisticSquid have?

As he says “Keepy Doo-keh” in his rich Scottish accent, is rated 4.8 stars on Google Play store and it’s also available in Apple’s iOS App Store. It’s a really addictive game which is worth downloading.

Does Iballisticsquid swear?

No swearing in our videos since 2012. When we started we didn’t realize we would get so many young viewers. Sorry.

What happened to squid from magicanimalclub?

He is also part of a joint channel called the “MagicAnimalClub”. He is well known for his funny humour and spirit throughout his videos, and is adored by many fans worldwide. He also plays with ashdubh his best friend. Squid is now slowing down on YouTube, as he now moving into the property business.

Why is David from Squidward called Squidward?

David himself told everyone on his 30,000 subscriber special that he was a very, grumpy teenager who didn’t enjoy school. His friends nicknamed him “squidward” because of it. This was supposed to represent his behaviour being similar to Squidward in the iconic show “Spongebob Squarepants”

What is squid’s nationality?

He is from the United Kingdom. Squid and Stampy are best friends in and out of videos as a result of their numerous collaborations together. They are the duo that made the most impact on their viewers and subscribers at the time they both became more popular. For two episodes, he became a guest in the short-lived Stampy’s Lovely Podcast .

What happened to squid in Sky Island?

However, the series was ended in episode 114 due to Squid’s Xbox account being hacked and losing all of his worlds, including his slipper survival. In August of 2015, Squid’s former main helper in his sky island/slippery survival was accused of doing very bad acts towards women.