How to appeal suspended Grab account?

Fill in Grab Passenger Appeal Form first to appeal your account reactivation. The appeal result will be sent via SMS within 5 working days. Fill in the form below if you’ve submitted a reactivation appeal but haven’t received the result after 5 working days.

How do I appeal to Grab?

To submit a reactivation appeal, please fill out the Grab Passenger Appeal Form here. Please note that only appeals submitted through this form will be considered. Appeals made via other channels (customer service, email, branch, etc.) will not be processed.

How do I reactivate my Grab account?

If you wish to reactivate your Grab Driver account or change the platform, please log in to our reboarding portal with your Grab registered phone number/email address. Please note that the reboarding portal is only applicable to existing Driver Partners.

Why is my Grab driver account suspended?

To keep the Grab platform effective and secure, our system automatically suspends Driver Accounts if fraudulent or unusual activities have been detected.

Can I have 2 Grab accounts?

Each passenger is only allowed ONE ACCOUNT PER DEVICE. Creating a duplicate account for any reason can and will result in the deactivation of my Grab account.

Can I have 2 Grab accounts Philippines?

No. According to the GrabPay’s terms of service, you may only hold one (1) GrabPay Wallet at a time. Every GrabPay Wallet is associated with a single Identification Document. If you already have a GrabPay Wallet, you will not be permitted to create a duplicate account.

How do I contact grab?

💬 Contact Us from your Driver app

  1. Go to Account (bottom bar) and select Help Centre.
  2. Select Support on the bottom navigation bar.
  3. Scroll down the page, select Call us. You’re all set for us to serve you. 🎉

How can I check my grab driver status?

A: You can sign up through Q: How do I check my registration status? A: Upon completion of registration, you can log in to check the progress of your application. Check your email or SMS that you have registered with us.

Why is my grab account deactivated?

As you have been caught violating Grab’s Terms of Service and it’s Code of Conduct, your account has been permanently deactivated. If you require more clarification, kindly submit the form below for us to assist you further.

How long is grab rider suspension?

SINGAPORE — Errant food delivery riders of GrabFood, Foodpanda and Deliveroo who fail to comply with circuit breaker regulations such as wearing a face mask at all times and keeping a safe distance can expect to be suspended from all three firms for a year, the authorities said on Wednesday (April 15).

Can Grab driver see my phone number?

That’s why we have number masking to protect your privacy. When you call your driver from the app or vice versa, the phone number displayed will be a set of random digits instead of your actual phone number.

Can Have Grab on two phones?

Can I download the app on multiple devices? Yes, you can download the GrabPay Merchant app across multiple devices. To safeguard your business and transactions, please note that only one user is able to login at any point of time.