How to create Chat System in PHP?

php page we have write jquery script on send button which class is . send_chat as selector. So when we have click on send button in chat dialog box then it will execute this block of code. In this script we have fetch value of id attribute of this send button in which we have store user id to whom we have send message.

Does PHP support chat?

Fortunately, there are free PHP scripts available to help. Free PHP live chat scripts come in all sizes and shapes. Nearly all free PHP live chat scripts come with the basic features to set up a basic chat facility on your website.

How can we create a simple Web chat application in HTML?

How to Create a Simple Web-Based Chat Application

  1. Step 1: HTML Markup. We will start this tutorial by creating our first file, called index.
  2. Step 2: CSS Styling.
  3. Step 3: Using PHP to Create a Login Form.
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How do I create a chat system?

Chat App Development Steps: Process Overview

  1. Create a Directory & Install Dependencies.
  2. Build the Front-End Chat Interface & Chat Client.
  3. Create and/or Connect the Back End (Chat Server)
  4. Prioritize Feature Expansion Based on User Feedback.

Is MySQL good for chat application?

You almost certainly do not want to use MySQL for this. Relational database engines are not designed for this sort of thing, and while it will work reasonably well at first you are almost certainly going to run into issues once the number of notifications starts to climb.

What is PHP live chat?

PHP Live! is a PHP and MySQL powered live chat software for websites. PHP Live! enables your website visitors to contact you instantly via live chat directly from your webpages. It’s simple to configure, easy to use with plethora of live chat features. We offer two types of Live Chat Solutions: Download or On Demand.

How can I create a chat website for free?

Guide to setting up your own free live website chat

  1. Set up a new account. The first step is to sign up for a free account on
  2. Log into your dashboard.
  3. Embed the live chat code on your website.
  4. Cross-domain session sharing.
  5. Pre-chat form setup.
  6. Direct chat links.
  7. Track progress of your live chats.

How do I make a chat system?

How do I implement live chat on my website?

How to Add Live Chat to a Website, Step by Step

  1. 1) Go to “Website Chat” and then “Customer Chat Widgets” inside of MobileMonkey.
  2. 2) Name your chat widget.
  3. 3) Select your chat widget colour.
  4. 4) Set up your welcome message.
  5. 5) Set up actions to the responses you receive from your initial question.
  6. 6) Ask for an email address.

Which database is best for chat app?


  • Provided the assumption that you need a database to store the chat messages exchanged through your Bluetooth Chat Application locally on an android device, I would suggest you to use SQLite.
  • SQLite is an open source light weight database which is already embedded in android operating system.
  • What database is used for chat app?

    I think it’s hard to say that one database or another is the BEST without understanding more about the application but rest assured that MongoDB has been the choice for many popular chat applications.

    What is a simple chat system in PHP?

    This simple chat system in PHP is a web-based application that is built on PHP MySQL Ajax. For the back-end of the system, the SQL server is used so that it will be easy for retrieving later. It is just like the messenger where a single user can chat with other users.

    What are free PHP live chat scripts?

    Free PHP live chat scripts come in all sizes and shapes. Nearly all free PHP live chat scripts come with the basic features to set up a basic chat facility on your website. Some free PHP live chat scripts stand apart because they offer enterprise-level features found in premium live chat scripts.

    Is there an open source Live support chat script?

    This open-source, live support chat script comes with a long list of free enterprise-level features, including extensive third-party integrations. You can have unlimited departments with unlimited operators who can conduct chats with multiple customers at the same time and share screens to see what your customers are seeing.

    What is the best PHP Group Chat script for Android?

    BlaB Ax! If you’re looking for a free PHP group chat script, then go for BlaB Ax! Built with AJAX and PHP, this group chat system is responsive on both the front-end and admin, and also fully resizable on all screens including low-end smartphones and tablets.