Is 9H tempered glass good?

9H tempered glass has the highest hardness rating based on the Moh scale of mineral hardness. The higher the Moh scale, the more the tempered glass is going to protect your device. Besides, it provides up to 98% transparency despite having a high thickness. 9H tempered glass is mostly used as device screen protectors.

What does 9H glass mean?

The scale is represented by numbers only without the “H” suffix. The suffix means the hardness of a pencil. To find a rating, you use the pencil test, which compares the relative hardness of a screen. When a manufacturer claims that their screen is 9h, it means the screen can resist scratches from the hardest pencil.

What is 9D and 9H tempered glass?

On 9D Tempered Glass, the thickness is reduced. This is necessary to improve the quality of touch transmission and maintain the sensitivity of the screen. Screen protectors with the marking 9D are distributed with a hardness index of 9H on the Mohs scale. The technology has a high level of scratch and shock resistance.

Are all 9H screen protectors the same?

While many screen protector manufacturers love to boast about 9H hardness, they don’t often explain what this means. The first thing to know is that 9H is the highest level of hardness you’ll find on a screen protector, and you won’t typically find screen protectors offering lower levels of hardness.

Which is better 11D or 9H tempered glass?

Conclusively. As we have discussed above, the difference between 9D and 11D tempered glass provides the same level of hardness according to the Mohs scale, which is 9H. 11D glass is slightly thicker than 9D, but it still provides 99.99 percent light penetration.

What does 9H surface hardness mean?

Yes, this means that all these tests are proving is how scratch-resistant a given screen protector is. No drop testing, flexibility testing, or testing of any kind is required to rate a screen protector at a hardness level of 9H. The only thing that rating means is how difficult it is to scratch the surface.

Is 9D better than 11D?

Is 9H tempered glass?

9H Tempered glass does not exist.

What’s the strongest screen protector?

BodyGuardz Pure® is made of tempered glass—the toughest protector glass on the market. It is premium, ion-strengthened glass with a hardness stronger than steel (9H). Third-party testing verified that BodyGuardz Pure® is two times more impact resistant than the leading competitor.