Is Adeel Hussain Indian?

Adeel Hussain, a man with many great talents, hails from Karachi, Pakistan. Born on 30 June 1978, Adeel happens to be an actor, director, anchor and a designer. He entered the industry in 1990. Adeel has worked hard since starting of his career and earned name and fame.

Is Adeel Chaudhry Pakistani actor?

Adeel Chaudhry is a Canadian singer-songwriter and actor. He has worked in Hindi & Urdu films & television….

Adeel Chaudhry
Born Adeel Chaudhry 15 June 1988 Toronto, Ontario
Nationality Canadian
Alma mater King Edward Medical University
Occupation Actor Singer-songwriter Model Dentist

How tall is Adeel Hussain?

5′ 7″Adeel Hussain / Height

How old is Adeel Chaudhry?

33 years (June 15, 1988)Adeel Chaudhry / Age

How old is Noor Hassan?

36 years (May 16, 1986)Noor Hassan Rizvi / Age

Where is Adeel Chaudhry from?

Kharian, PakistanAdeel Chaudhry / Place of birth

Who is Adeel Hussain?

Adeel Hussain worked on screen as a model, video jockey, radio jockey, photographer, actor and director which makes him a comprehensive in the industry of Pakistani Media. He gets fame for his amazing role in drama serial Daam, Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu, Mohabat Subh Ka Sitara Hai, Jackson Heights, and Mera Naseeb. He always wanted to be a jockey also.

How many Adeel Hussain dramas are there?

Adeel Hussain dramas list: 1 Dunia goal Hai 2 Aa Mera Pyar Ki Khushboo 3 Daam 4 Mera Naseeb 5 Serade 6 Mora Piya 7 Matay e Jaan hai Tu 8 Silvatain 9 Jiya Na Jaye 10 Aik Graduation Ki Long Story Short Mein 11 Shukk 12 Mohabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai 13 Jackson Heights 14 Bin Roye 15 Daasi More

How old is Adeel Khan?

He was born on 30th June 1987 in Karachi. He was the son of a Navy officer and is elders one among his siblings. Adeel got his early education from Karachi, where completed his O’ levels and A’ Levels. He got his Bachelor’s degree in Management Information System from Karachi.