Is Caress soap good for the skin?

SkinSAFE has reviewed the ingredients of Caress Moisturizing Bar Soap Daily Silk Beauty Bar for Silky Skin and found it to be 91% Top Allergen Free and free of Gluten, Nickel, Top Common Allergy Causing Preservatives, Lanolin, Paraben, Topical Antibiotic, MCI/MI, Soy, Oil, and Irritant/Acid. Product is Teen Safe.

Can I use Caress soap on face?

Caress 6 pack is as described and arrived one day early. This soap is so silky and smells so good that it’s my favorite bar soap, though I use a facial cleanser for my face. Rinses off nicely. Have used this soap for years.

Is Caress soap discontinued?

Find discontinued Dove soap bars, Yardley Soap bars, Caress soap bars, and many other quality and discontinued soap bar brands.

Is Caress an antibacterial soap?

While many of these bar soaps are still available today, liquid antibacterial soaps used for disinfecting hands are becoming increasingly more popular. Major brands include Lever’s Caress, Dove’s Liquid and Proctor and Gamble’s Oil of Olay liquid.

Is Caress a harsh soap?

Caress is a gentle soap that isn’t harsh on my sensitive skin. I leave the shower feeling clean, soothed and moisturized. There is no oil residue or weird feeling on your skin. Caress washes out well, while still leaving you feeling clean and smelling great.

Does Caress dry skin?

I definitely love caress lathers great smells amazing with a wonderful long lasting fragrance doesn’t leave skin dry or itchy definitely recommend to everyone to try out all these wonder smells. Love all of the scents, and it cleans well and does not dry out my skin.

What is the pH level of Caress soap?

The pH of Common Bar Soaps

Soaps pH
Dove 6
Caress, Oil of Olay 7
Basis, Coast, Lever 2000, Lava, Safeguard, Shield 9
Camay, Dial, Irish Spring, Ivory, Jergens, Tone, Yardley, Nivea, and Zest 10

Does Caress soap cause yeast infections?

While soap doesn’t cause yeast infections per se, it should be avoided in all women, but most especially in those with problems with frequent vaginal discharge or irritation. Of course, any irritation or discharge needs to be thoroughly evaluated by a doctor until the cause is determined as clearly as possible.

Does caress have sulfates?

Caress Botanicals Shower Foam for a Smooth and Light Cleaning White Orchid and Coconut Oil Paraben and Sulfate Free 13.5 oz.

Is Caress body wash for sensitive skin?

Caress is great for sensitive skin and it doesn’t leave soap scum behind!

How do you use Caress body wash?

For a luxurious, silkening shower or bath squeeze a dab onto a pouf (you judge the dab). Work into a rich fragrant lather, massage onto your body, then rinse off for a lingering fragrance on your skin.