Is Galleria Borghese worth visiting?

That may be so, but the Galleria Borghese is still a gem worth seeing. Its collections are housed in a magnificent 17th-century villa and offer a compact course in the Italian aesthetic. In just 20 rooms, you are exposed to antiquities, the Renaissance and the beginnings of baroque art.

How much does it cost to visit Galleria Borghese?

Tickets cost 15 euros (about $18.50) for adults and 10 euros (about $12.30) for children. If you have the Roma Pass, your admission fee is covered. Sessions are two hours. Also, keep in mind that the Galleria Borghese is closed on Mondays; it welcomes visitors from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.

How long does it take to see the Borghese Gallery?

2 hours
Duration of Visit: Borghese Gallery has an impressive collection of paintings and sculptures. We suggest spending at least 2 hours to explore the entire collection. Villa Borghese Gardens: Open from dawn to dusk.

Do you need tickets for Borghese Gallery?

The Borghese Gallery is located in the Villa Borghese, and the Villa itself is worth exploring as well as the gallery. You don’t need to buy Villa Borghese Gardens tickets, as the park is free to enter. Many people like to stroll through the gardens before or after their Borghese Gallery visit.

How long does it take to visit Villa Borghese?

Most people spend about 2 hours at Villa Borghese, but there’s enough to do here that some visitors might want to stay for either half a day or a full day. If you’re interested in visiting more than one attraction in the park, we recommend setting aside at least 5-6 hours for this activity.

What’s in Galleria Borghese?

The main floor is mostly devoted to classical antiquities of the 1st–3rd centuries AD (including a famous 320–30 AD mosaic of gladiators found on the Borghese estate at Torrenova, on the Via Casilina outside Rome, in 1834), and classical and neo-classical sculpture such as the Venus Victrix.

Do you need a ticket for Borghese gardens?

The Borghese Gallery accepts both Passes. The best-case scenario is a completely free entry or subsidized entry. Nevertheless, the pass holders still needs to make a booking in order to schedule their visit. An email directed to [email protected] or a call made to +39 06 32810 will help you make your booking.