Is Johnny Yong Bosch in a band?

Eyeshine | Johnny Yong Bosch. Eyeshine was an American underground rock band formed in 2004. They found success with a unique blend of pop punk and post grunge called Edge Rock.

Who voices Hollow Ichigo?

Johnny Yong Bosch is the English dub voice of Hollow Ichigo in Bleach, and Masakazu Morita is the Japanese voice.

Is Johnny Yong Bosch Persona 5?

Johnny Yong Bosch is the English dub voice of Yu Narukami in Persona 5: Royal, and Daisuke Namikawa is the Japanese voice.

Is Johnny Yong Bosch in Legend of the White Dragon?

The project also stars Johnny Yong Bosch (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Jason Faunt (Power Rangers Time Force), Ciara Hanna (Power Rangers Megaforce), Chrysti Ane (Power Rangers Ninja Steel), Yoshi Sudarso (Power Rangers Dino Charge), and Frank’s daughter Jenna Frank.

Who does the voice of caustic?

JB Blanc
The calculating and deadly scientist Caustic is voiced by JB Blanc, who has also voiced a character in Titanfall 2. Blanc was the voice behind the mercenary pilot Kuben Blisk. You may also recognise him as the voice of Kano in Mortal Kombat 11 or as the voice of Dr.

Who voices kid Sabo One Piece?

Morgan Lauré Garrett is the English dub voice of Sabo (Young) in One Piece, and Junko Takeuchi is the Japanese voice.

Who plays Sabo One Piece?

Tōru Furuya (Toei Animation)
Junko Takeuchi (Toei Animation)Vic Mignogna (Funimation)Morgan Garrett (Funimation)
Sabo/Voiced by

Are Sabo and Naruto the same voice?

Junko Takeuchi is famous for giving voice to Naruto Uzumaki. It was and continues to be her most famous role. However, she is also the voice of the younger version of Sabo, the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army and the Second in Command to Monkey D. Dragon.

Is Legend of the White Dragon a Power Ranger movie?

Power Rangers alum Jason David Frank (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers) is starring in the upcoming project Legend of the White Dragon, a Power Rangers-inspired film produced by Bat in the Sun (Super Power Beat Down) and directed by Aaron Schoenke and Sean Schoenke.

Who is Erik Reed Power Rangers?

“The White Dragon, Erik Reed, has returned home to Virtuo City 3 years later after being defeated in a colossal battle against the ancient overlord, Ashtagor. The crystal he used to become the White Dragon was broken in two as a result of the epic battle, both pieces were subsequently lost.