Is PS Vita good for visual novels?

Speaking of acclaimed visual novels, one of the all-time greats is available on Vita – Steins;Gate which is absolutely among my favourites on the platform.

Do normal SD cards work on PS Vita?

Memory sticks and cards similar to those used in the PSP do not work with the PS Vita. Nor do other common formats like SD cards or the memory stick micro used in the PSPgo. Sony is a fan of proprietary formats for removable storage media on its devices and the PS Vita is no exception.

Can you use a Japanese PS Vita in English?

Yes, and that’s the best part. According to Sony, the PlayStation Vita’s game cards have no region lock. You should be able put US game cards into your Japanese system (or Japanese cards into a UK system, or HK cards into a US system…) and everything should work just fine.

Can I play English games on Japanese PS Vita?

All games will work fine since its region free, and the PS store is based on the region of your account, so you will be able to download western games too. Only difference is that X and O buttons are switched in system menus.

What is the best Telltale game for PS Vita?

The Walking Dead: Season One It’s possible to purchase several TellTale Games titles on PS Vita, but its first entry in the popular Walking Dead series remains its strongest.

How many units did the PS Vita sell?

The PS Vita only sold around 18 million units, while the PSP sold around 80 million. On paper that looks pretty poor, but the console itself is still a tour de force with some cracking titles behind it.

What is the difference between a PSP and a PS Vita?

Ah, the PS Vita, the PSP’s lesser-known sibling that sank in a world dominated by the DS Family. That’s not some sort of Mafia mob,; I’m talking about Nintendo’s dual-screen marvel. The PS Vita only sold around 18 million units, while the PSP sold around 80 million.

What are the new features of the PS Vita’s Voyage mode?

Two brand-new blocks are introduced allowing you to shuffle on-screen blocks or chain together blocks and there’s a new Voyage mode where you must continually create colored squares, which is easier said than done. Coupled with a stunning soundtrack and the PS Vita’s OLED display it makes for a beautiful fusion of sight and sound.