Is Stoked Cancelled?

There was never an official reason why Stoked stopped after their second season, so while cancel (I mean there have not been a new season in 8 years) there was never an explanation. Probably had to do with the Teletoon fall and that Corus entertainment decided to focus on other franchises.

Is Stoked coming back?

Stoked has been discontinued for over 6 years now and some fans have been wanting a new season. Several people have started petitions to bring back this show and other series by Fresh TV, but it looks like all 3 shows (6teen, Total Drama, Stoked) have been on hiatus for a really long time or canceled.

How many episodes of Stoked are there?

52Stoked / Number of episodes

What is the first episode of Stoked?

Welcome to Paradise, DudesStoked / First episode

Is there a Stoked season 3?

The third season of Stoked will premiere in the spring of 2014. Like seasons 1 & 2 it will have 26 episodes.

Why was Stoked discontinued?

Cartoon Network decided to move in another direction. They had wanted to emulate the success of Total Drama Island, which is why they acquired the rights to 6teen and Stoked, but neither had the staying power of Total Drama and I believe even Total Drama’s ratings have been slipping.

Why was Stoked Cancelled?

Much like Teletoon’s other teenager cartoons, 6Teen (2004) and Detentionaire (2011), Stoked was ultimately cancelled due to its performance in the United States. In the United States, Cartoon Network only aired the first 22 episodes before removing it from their schedule completely.

How old is Ty in Stoked?


Tyler Ridgemount
Age: 17
Family: Father Mother Lo Ridgemount (sister) George Ridgemount (brother)
Friends: No Pants Lance, Ripper, Johnny, Reef, Emma
Talents: Surfing, filming

Why was Stoked canceled?

As of July 2010, Stoked has been dropped from Cartoon Network’s schedule. While it aired Stoked, there were many complaints, mainly over censoring and over trailer issues.

Is there a stoked Season 3?

How many seasons of stoked are there?

2Stoked / Number of seasons

How many seasons are there of Stoked?