Is Sunry guilty Kotor?

Also, if you know Sunry murdered Elassa, you can tell the court at the beginning of the trial that Sunry is indeed guilty: giving them the tape will get Sunry executed, but the player can tell them Sunry admitted his guilt and still go on with the case that Sunry was still part of a Sith conspiracy.

Where is the droid in the Sith base on Manaan?

You can actually bypass the Flow Control room as there’s another way around to the other side. Take the door north and then head towards the west. You’ll find a room with a broken droid belonging to the Republic.

How do I get into the Sith Embassy on Manaan?

Go to the Dock (transiting back is fastest) and head on over to the westernmost landing bay. Open the doors for a fight after which you can enter the shuttle and you’ll automatically enter the Sith Embassy.

How do I start a Sunry trial?

After talking to the four people above, talk to Sunry himself and get him to admit to the affair. With that said and done, it’s time for the trial. Go talk to the man behind the counter in the jail room and start the trial!

How do I get a free Sunry?

Choose first « No one actually witnessed the murder. » Next choose « Sunry went to end the affair so the sith killed her. » Then close your case. After a brief intermission, Sunry will be found innocent, you’ll get 500xp and you can expect lower prices at both main merchants, one in East Central and one in Ahto East.

Where is the Republic Embassy on Manaan in Kotor?

As soon as you have access to Manaan various side-quests become open to you. Anyways proceed to East Central and in the north east you will find the Republic Embassy.

Where is the star map on Manaan?

Swing left into this corridor and swing away at the droids to kill them all. Off of this corridor are several rooms, some of which with goods, others of which have pressurized doors that’ll lead you into the oceans of Manaan. Go into the oceans, now, and lets find that Star Map!

Can you get unbanned from Manaan?

Unfortunately you cannot get back to manaan for that particular quest chain. However, it is absolutely possible to do the manaan star map and still be allowed back in but you have to do the Light Side path.

Can you get Sunry innocent?

In order to get the ‘Sunry is innocent’ verdict you need the following: Before the trial: interview all the witnesses and get their ‘special’ conversation (something that usually requires Persuade). Some witnesses have more than one conversation. Sunry must also be interviewed like this.