Is the Belstaff Trialmaster warm?

So basics first: unlike some imitators it is a proper bike jacket that’s warm, waterproof and that has CE-approved armour at the shoulders and elbows. It’s proved comfortable and practical to wear and thanks to a removable zip-out liner that makes it suitable for warmer weather, versatile.

What jacket does Will Smith wear in I Am Legend?

Well known for apparel that shows up in Hollywood films, Belstaff’s slick heavyweight wax cotton Trialmaster Jacket is based on the same one worn by Will Smith in I Am Legend.

Is Belstaff high end?

Launched in 1924 by Harry Grosberg, the Belstaff brand has become one of the best British Heritage brands to date known worldwide for its high performance outwear and even more renowned for its Belstaff jackets.

Where are Belstaff Trialmaster jackets made?

While Belstaff boasts of its British heritage, the Trialmaster is made in Romania.

What’s the difference between Belstaff Trialmaster and Roadmaster?

Traditionally, the main difference between the Roadmaster and Trialmaster has been the fit – with the Roadmaster being the slimmer of the two. This year, however, Belstaff has reintroduced the Trialmaster in a slimmer body and adjusted pocket design.

Which is best Belstaff or Barbour?

Belstaff is a little more trendy, looking to keep up with modern style and their coats are a bit more expensive, whereas Barbour is holding on to the more traditional and classic look at a slightly more affordable price.

Do Belstaff jackets fit true to size?

Distinguished Member. For outerwear they fit pretty trim. Just a bit larger than a tailored jacket of the same size would fit.

Are Belstaff wax jackets waterproof?

The Belstaff Re-Proofing Wax Dressing enables you to reproof your Belstaff waxed waterproof garments yourself. This wax makes reproofing easy and convenient, and with regular treatments it will prolong the life of your garments and ensure water resistance is maintained.

When were Belstaff made in Italy?

Originally starting out life in Belstaff’s home factory in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, the production of Belstaff jackets and clothing temporarily moved away from the UK when the brand was sold to an Italian company in the 1990s.

How long is the Belstaff TrialMaster?

The Belstaff Trialmaster is quite long measuring in at thirty-two and a half inches from just underneath your collar, that’s about eighty-two and a half centimeters.

Are there any alternatives to the Belstaff TrialMaster?

The only thing it has in common is that it’s leather and a motorcycle jacket. If the Belstaff Trialmaster isn’t your style, the Schott Perfecto might be an alternative.

What is the warranty on a Belstaff TrialMaster jacket?

While other emerging brands who provide lifetime warranties and guarantees for their garments, Belstaff only has a 24-month warranty on their jacket. While Belstaff boasts of its British heritage, the Trialmaster is made in Romania.

What ever happened to Belstaff?

By the 1990s, Belstaff survives a sagging demand for his jacket and disappearance of the British textile market. The company Belstaff changed hands a few times but it is now owned by the largest privately held company in the UK called Ineos.