Is Walking on Sunshine a musical?

Walking on Sunshine is a 2014 British romantic jukebox musical comedy-drama film directed by Max Giwa and Dania Pasquini. The film features covers of songs from the 1980s and was released on 27 June 2014. It is also a debut role for singer-songwriter Leona Lewis.

Who does Taylor dress up as in Walking on Sunshine?

The characters dress as ’80s singers for the stag and hen parties. Raf is Adam Ant, Enrico is George Michael, and Mikey is Meat Loaf. Maddie, Taylor and Lil are Madonna, Elena is Whitney Houston, Tiziana is Tina Turner, and additional hen party guests are Boy George and Salt N Pepa.

What part of Puglia was Walking on Sunshine filmed?

The places: The film is set in Italy in the southern part of Puglia, the sub region Salento and around the historic towns of Nardò and Gallipoli, and the beautiful beaches of the Ionian west coast.

Are the actors singing in Walking on Sunshine?

Walking on Sunshine has premiered a new clip featuring the cast singing Cyndi Lauper’s ’80s classic ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’. The film sees two sisters – played by Hannah Arterton and Annabel Scholey – at odds over the same man on the eve of the elder sibling’s wedding.

What Disney movie is Walking on Sunshine in?

Herbie: Fully Loaded
The song was released as the album’s fourth single on June 22, 2005. It was also used to promote the film Herbie: Fully Loaded, and makes an appearance on the movie soundtrack….Walking on Sunshine (song)

“Walking on Sunshine”
Released June 22, 2005
Format Radio Disney single
Recorded 2005
Genre Pop music

What movies is the song Walking on Sunshine in?

Walking on SunshineWalking on Sunshine / Featured in film

Where was Walking on Sunshine video filmed?

Unique, picturesque and bursting with energy, Puglia Italy was the destination of choice for location scouts seeking out the perfect backdrop for hit Walking on Sunshine movie.

What does Walking on Sunshine mean?

be extremely happy
Filters. To be extremely happy .

Where does Walking on Sunshine take place?

Puglia Italy
Musical ‘Walking On Sunshine’ has Puglia as the main character. Unique, picturesque and bursting with energy, Puglia Italy was the destination of choice for location scouts seeking out the perfect backdrop for hit Walking on Sunshine movie.

Does Hannah Arterton sing?

‘ Hannah left Gravesend Grammar School for Girls at 16 and went straight to music college in Dartford. Growing up, she says that Gemma was there for her, just as she was there for her sister. Hannah has been singing in bands since she was 14, playing in London pubs and clubs from 16.

Did Hannah Arterton sing in Walking on Sunshine?

So we pre-recorded it and then on-set we had playback, so you’re just singing along to your own voice. The first song that we shot was How Will I Know on a beach. It was my version of that song being played back full whack – it was very surreal!

What movies have used the song Walking on Sunshine?

It has also been featured in several films, including Ask Max (1986), The Secret of My Success (1987), Look Who’s Talking (1989), Race the Sun (1996), Bean (1997), American Psycho (2000), High Fidelity (2000), Daddy Day Care (2003), Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005), Scandal Makers (2008), Moon (2009) and Camille Rewinds ( …

Who originally sang Walking on Sunshine?

Walking on Sunshine. “Walking on Sunshine” is a song written by Kimberley Rew for the 1980s British-American rock band Katrina and the Waves, originally appearing on their 1983 album of the same…

Who sings the song Walking on Sunshine?

Was walking on sunshine a Eurovision song? Katrina and the Waves were a British-American rock band best known for the 1985 hit “Walking on Sunshine”. They also won the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “ Love Shine a Light” .

How long is the song Walking on Sunshine?

Walking on Sunshine: Directed by Max Giwa, Dania Pasquini. With Greg Wise, Annabel Scholey, Giulio Berruti, Hannah Arterton. Set to the music of popular hit songs from the 1980s. A beautiful coastal village, present day Italy. After a whirlwind romance, Maddie is preparing to marry gorgeous Italian Raf, and has invited her sister Taylor to the wedding.

What is the song Walking on the Sun?

Paul De Lisle stated the original version of “Walkin’ on the Sun” was more of a rap song. The band decided to record the song after band drummer Kevin Coleman discovered it on one of Camp’s tapes. It was the last song to be added onto Fush Yu Mang.