Is Watch The Throne good?

On Watch the Throne, they push each other and have fun doing it, and the result is a stadium-sized event-rap spectacle that still sounds like two insanely talented guys’ idiosyncratic vision. That’s worth celebrating. It’s better than West’s last, impressive album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

What happened to Watch The Throne?

West and Jay Z appeared on an early cut of Drake’s “Pop Style” as The Throne, but their bars were ultimately cut from the version that appeared on Views — likely due to contractual conflicts between Jay Z, who co-owns Tidal, and Drake, who released Views as an Apple Music exclusive.

What is the meaning of Watch the Throne?

It’s just protecting the music and the culture
In the earlier moments of his talk with Thomas, Jay-Z shared the meaning behind “Watch the Throne,” “It’s just protecting the music and the culture. It’s people that’s in the forefront of the music. ‘Watch the Throne,’ like protect it.

Is Watch The Throne a classic?

Watch the Throne is, in essence, a 45-minute masterclass on braggadocio and lack of humbleness. It’s unrelenting, to the point that it’s basically a meta concept album about its place as an instant classic.

Why is Watch The Throne not on Spotify?

JAY-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne has returned to Spotify, although it appears the full album is only available to those with U.S. accounts. The collaborative album was originally removed from the streaming service in April 2017, “at the request of the artist,” according to representatives of JAY-Z.

Will there ever be a Watch The Throne 2?

According to Ye’s creative, Justin Laboy. With Kanye West and JAY-Z reuniting for a collab on DONDA, Justin LaBoy claimed that Watch the Throne 2 could release at the end of 2021. Taking to Twitter, LaBoy — a creative of Ye’s — announced the news in response to a fan. “Watch The Throne 2 coming end of the year.