Is Wolverhampton nice place to live?

Wolverhampton was named the best place to live in the UK, according to a survey by Provident in 2020. The city was ranked highest for all categories in the survey, which included how welcoming the city is, how friendly residents are, how polite residents are, safety, upkeep of the area, trust, happiness and gossip.

What is the population of Wolverhampton 2021?

Wolverhampton is a city located in West Midlands, England. According to recent estimates has a population of 256,600, making it only the 59th most populous city in England….Population Growth.

Year Population
2022 224,378
2020 221,754
2011 210,319
2001 200,490

Is there a full list of safety precautions on the BlueBrick?

A full list is available within the “safety precautions” section of this page. How is The Bluebrick rated?

Do you have to pay for parking at BlueBrick?

After a rough 18 months for us (NHS STAFF) we decided to go for a meal at Bluebrick. On arrival we were asked to put our registration into an Ipad so that we did not have to pay for parking, we were not alerted to… the fact that it was only 3hrs free parking.

Is there a pub in the centre of Wolverhampton?

Friendly fantastic service as always from a very welcoming pub and restaurant in the center of Wolverhampton. A big thanks to Annessa, Tracy,Kim and all the rest of the wonderful staff here

Why choose the BlueBrick?

Spend time with us for great pub food in a place you’ll love. We serve classic dishes with a modern twist – it’s the perfect place to get together with familly and friends. The Bluebrick is situated on the historic site of the old Wolverhampton station and the buildings, which date back over 100 years, can still be seen.